Bugs fixes in "libc6-dev"

Origin Bug number Title Date fixed
Launchpad 1000498 fmod() incorrectly returns NaN for (some?) denormalized inputs 2012-10-18
Launchpad 1007457 Bogus FPE on underflow for exp(double) 2012-10-02
Launchpad 1028038 sscanf always calls realloc/causes deadlock in google-perftools 2012-10-02
Launchpad 956051 libc6 crash while running 'xm' 2012-10-02
Launchpad 1010069 bits/fcntl.h does not define AT_EMPTY_PATH 2012-10-02
Launchpad 1016349 htons() returns wrong type on non-{i386,amd64} platforms 2012-10-02
Launchpad 985735 update-manager restarts KDM and interrupts update p... 2012-04-21
Launchpad 508083 cron crashed with SIGSEGV in __pthread_initialize_minimal_internal() 2012-04-14
Launchpad 929219 chromium-browser, gvfsd-http and others using eglib... 2012-04-14

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