Bugs fixes in "gnome-control-center-dev"

Origin Bug number Title Date fixed
Launchpad 1116801 About section of sytem settings reports wrong version of Ubuntu (12.04.1) 2013-02-09
Launchpad 1035219 In System Settings preference tool/keyboard layouts page automaticaly wrong language selectedGNOME 2013-01-06
Launchpad 986692 Unmutting sound effects using the slider doesn't work 2012-12-08
Launchpad 1033864 Error message is shown when switching to 1366x768 mirror mode 2012-09-25
Launchpad 969256 Keyboard shortcuts - The HUD keyboard shortcut shou... 2012-04-13
Launchpad 950136 multimonitor, launcher: Provide an option to displa... 2012-04-06
Launchpad 967110 Incorrect labels in System Settings-Displays panel ... 2012-04-06
Launchpad 967027 Menubar representations should not be shown in the ... 2012-04-06
Launchpad 967121 Misleading placement of 'Launcher placement' and 'S... 2012-04-06
Launchpad 967136 In the Display Settings panel, when changing the 'L... 2012-04-06

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