Bugs fixes in "nova-vncproxy"

Origin Bug number Title Date fixed
Launchpad 1041120 Meta bug for tracking Openstack Stable Updates 2012-09-04
Launchpad 917615 Inappropriate exception handling on kvm live/block migration 2012-09-04
Launchpad 1038266 Deleted floating ips can cause instance delete to fail 2012-09-04
CVE CVE-2012-2654 RESERVED 2012-07-03
Launchpad 989764 [SRU] timeout on EC2 CreateImage action is 60 hours... 2012-07-03
Launchpad 987335 [SRU] libvit/connection.py missing console_log vari... 2012-07-03
Launchpad 968843 [SRU] connection leak in rpc connection pool 2012-07-03
Launchpad 975043 [SRU] Cloudpipe VPN instance can loose connectivity... 2012-07-03
Launchpad 971640 [SRU] public key injection should be configurable 2012-07-03
Launchpad 988615 [SRU] xen: destroy_vdi breaks because session is no... 2012-07-03
Launchpad 754900 [SRU] Nova-manage network delete does not delete fr... 2012-07-03
CVE CVE-2012-2101 Openstack Compute (Nova) Folsom, 2012.1, and 2011.3 does not limit the number of security group rules, which allows remote authenticated users with ce 2012-07-03
Launchpad 1010473 [SRU] Tracker for 12.04 Openstack Updates 2012-07-03
Launchpad 1010514 Source group based security group rule without pro... 2012-07-03
Launchpad 993663 [SRU] dns_domains table mysql charset is 'latin1'. ... 2012-07-03
Launchpad 997014 [SRU] Memory is not correctly computed for Xen+libv... 2012-07-03
Launchpad 990237 [sru] libvirt get_console_output: 'instance_name' ... 2012-07-03
Launchpad 1000403 [SRU] multi scheduler does not handle capabilities... 2012-07-03
Launchpad 1000261 newer `qemu-img info` causes in exception when fin... 2012-07-03
Launchpad 962615 [SRU] Unable to list volumes after building from sn... 2012-07-03

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