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Bugs fixes in "libpulse-dev"

Origin Bug number Title Date fixed
Launchpad 445849 pulseaudio: "Highpitched rattling like sound with 5.1 surround configuration" 2013-03-09
Launchpad 1073420 [Dell Inspiron One 2020] No Microphone Interface 2013-01-17
Launchpad 1038084 Bluetooth devices are muted after suspend/resume 2013-01-17
Launchpad 416190 Pulseaudio produces overdriven audio on mono downmix (e g to Plantronics DA40 adapter) 2013-01-17
Launchpad 1020471 \ 2013-01-17
Launchpad 946232 [Meta-bug] Missing speaker and/or internal mic port... 2012-06-08

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