Package: firefox-locale-ku Source: firefox Version: 68.0.2+linuxmint1+tina Architecture: i386 Maintainer: Ubuntu Mozilla Team Installed-Size: 233 Priority: optional Section: web Filename: pool/upstream/f/firefox/firefox-locale-ku_68.0.2+linuxmint1+tina_i386.deb Size: 142344 SHA256: 964400927f6e5d010935c5f134b72647f5b49379c757707a3f44b09b9c32887d SHA1: 63720257e3ab69718c353bf33d5854a300638d95 MD5sum: 8795970ab2ee71a376f09caad65ee8ca Description: Transitional package for unavailable language This language is unavailable for the current version of Firefox . This is an empty transitional package to ensure a clean upgrade process. You can safely remove this package after installation.