Package: nginx-nr-agent Version: 2.0.0-11 Architecture: all Maintainer: Andrei Belov Installed-Size: 88 Depends: lsb-base, python, python-daemon, python-setproctitle Filename: pool/nginx/n/nginx-nr-agent/nginx-nr-agent_2.0.0-11_all.deb Size: 12820 MD5sum: 2a2c17440fe4985bc5583ffe8b8f7836 SHA1: 5843ea5656c861b44f76c235cd84c83700204dfd SHA256: 4a6710db4d71eaf31659b33035b80c1017570b4e9dee4d2f46a51b10f1396c4f Section: misc Priority: optional Homepage: Description: New Relic agent for NGINX and NGINX Plus This package contains agent script used for collecting and reporting a number of metrics from NGINX and/or NGINX Plus instances to New Relic.