Package: mate-power-manager-common Source: mate-power-manager Version: 1.20.1-2ubuntu1mint1 Architecture: all Maintainer: Debian+Ubuntu MATE Packaging Team Installed-Size: 7956 Depends: dconf-gsettings-backend | gsettings-backend Breaks: mate-power-manager (<< 1.9.0) Replaces: mate-power-manager (<< 1.9.0) Homepage: Priority: optional Section: x11 Filename: pool/upstream/m/mate-power-manager/mate-power-manager-common_1.20.1-2ubuntu1mint1_all.deb Size: 2740740 SHA256: 722ddd5a5ada8e491d5a3947a3a6d84c23262128d3f72adf3e2d91de7a09ca5a SHA1: 9da057224a7c9db1aca0ea9f530bb0ef26c1b18f MD5sum: 13763f70c0214880551727751685c2b9 Description: power management tool for the MATE desktop (common files) MATE Power Manager is a session daemon for the MATE desktop that takes care of system or desktop events related to power, and triggers actions accordingly. Its philosophy is to completely hide these complex tasks and only show some settings important to the user. . The MATE power manager displays and manages battery status, power plug events, display brightness, CPU, graphics card and hard disk drive power saving, and can trigger suspend-to-RAM, hibernate or shutdown events, all integrated to other components of the MATE desktop. . This package contains the architecture independent files.