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Name: kodi-pvr-vuplus


Vu+ PVR for Kodi

Latest version: 3.15.0-1~xenial
Release: xenial (16.04)
Level: base
Repository: main


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Version: 1.11.11-1~xenial 2016-04-27 14:08:17 UTC

 kodi-pvr-vuplus (1.11.11-1~xenial) xenial; urgency=low
   [ kodi ]
   * autogenerated dummy changelog
   [ wsnipex ]
   * v1.11.11 - updated language files from Transifex v1.11.10 - updated
     language files from Transifex v1.11.9 - updated language files from
     Transifex v1.11.8 - updated language files from Transifex v1.11.7 -
     updated language files from Transifex 1.11.6 - Updated to PVR API
     v4.1.0 1.11.5 - Updated to PVR API v4.0.0 1.11.4 - Updated to PVR
     API v3.0.0 (API 1.9.7 compatibility mode) 1.11.3 - Updated to PVR
     API v2.1.0 - Automatically fill in platform and library name 1.11.2 -
     Debian packaging: fix library install path - Miscellaneous backend
     fixes 1.11.1 - Updated to API v2.0.0 1.11.0 - Updated to API v1.9.7
     v1.10.5 - updated language files from Transifex 1.10.4 - Updated to
     use new libplatform-dev 1.10.3 - Updated to API v1.9.6 1.10.2 -
     Updated to API v1.9.5 1.10.1 - Updated to API v1.9.4 1.9.23 -
     updated language files from Transifex 1.9.22 - updated language
     files from Transifex - minor changes to conform with C++11 1.9.21 -
     added getBackendHostname function 1.9.20 - updated language files
     from Transifex 1.9.19 - change library name to Kodi 1.9.18 - fixed
     deadlock when activating the addon on some darwin (osx, ios)
     runtimes 1.9.17 - updated language files from Transifex 1.9.16 -
     updated language files from Transifex 1.9.15 - updated to API v1.9.2
     1.9.14 - remove: implementation for lastplayedposition (XBMC handles
     this now) - remove: loading of channel data from HDD - change:
     handling of EPG - add: error message if username or password contain
     the @-sign 1.9.13 - sync with PVR API v1.9.1 1.9.12 - updated
     language files from Transifex 1.9.11 - updated language files from
     Transifex 1.9.10 - updated language files from Transifex 1.9.9 - add
     timeshift buffer functions 1.8.8 - sync with PVR API v1.8.0 1.7.8 -
     fix: typo in settings.xml 1.7.7 - Bump after PVR API version bump
     1.6.7 - add: support for /virtual) recording folders - add: support
     for fetching picons from the webinterface - add: support for
     recording icons 1.6.6 - updated language files from Transifex 1.6.5 -
     updated language files from Transifex 1.6.4 - New version number by
     Team XBMC 0.3.5: - fix: URL encoding in timer-add operations 0.3.4: -
     fix: several crashes on win32 due to missing locks / invalid memory
     access - fix: do not report connection problems when there is an
     empty TV-channel bouquet 0.3.3: - add: support for storing the last
     played positions for recordings. These will be stored in the file
     recordings.xml - fix: if the webinterface cannot be loaded,
     deactivate the addon 0.3.2: - fix: continue to load channels even if
     we do not have any radio channels 0.3.1: - change: remove XMLParser -
     change: add enigma2 to the displayname 0.3.0: - change: remove curl
     dependancy - change: adjust to new PVR API 0.2.8: - add: option to
     only fetch one TV bouquet which can be specified via the addon
     settings 0.2.7: - fix: fix incorrect escape character for & (use
     '&' instead of '"'). Thx to 'hani' for pointing this out.
     0.2.6: - cosmetic: remove unnecessary '/' in recording-stream url -
     cosmetic: inprove log output - change: get the proper device info
     from the reveiver box instead of just setting dummy values - change:
     change the buildzip.bat to include version string in the name of the
     zip-file - change: introduce a version string for the channeldata
     xml file so that we can invalidate old channeldata files if
     necessary 0.2.5: - fix: cleanup the service reference in the
     streaming url 0.2.4 - fix: put username & password into the
     streaming url 0.2.3 - fix: put username & password into recording-
     url 0.2.2: - fix: escape xml entities in the stream-url before
     saving to channeldata.xml - fix: fetch the version string from
     configure.in not the ChangeLog (thanks to 'trans') - fix: rename
     changelog in addon-directory to changelog.txt 0.2.1: - fix: encode
     the stream-url properly. Please remove your channeldata.xml file
     after updating - change: add proper version string to the addon.xml
     generated by buildzip.bat (thanks to 'trans') 0.2.0: - change:
     Complete rework of timer handling. Now it will only show
     notifications for changed items - fix: Update / Add / Delete Timers.
     Note that the timer names in the XBMC are sometimes not updated
     properly (in the dialog it is OK) - fix: Instant Recordings do now
     work again - fix: timer status is now shown correctly (completed,
     recording, disabled) - fix: enabling / disabling timers do now work -
     change: removed "show completed timers" option (they are now always
     be shown) - add: added buildzip.bat & xbmc-addon-vuplus.sln (thanks
     to 'trans') - fix: Channel numbering / incorrect picons due to the
     change introduced in 0.1.15 0.1.15 - fix: when using the channeldata-
     store option not all channel groups (bouquets) were loaded due to a
     nulled counter variable 0.1.14 - change: change .gitignores and copy
     current changelog into the addon folder. This will enable the user
     to view the changelog in the addon settings window 0.1.13 - add:
     option to set deepstandby powerstate on the DVB box on PVR-addon
     shutdown - fix: error in settings.xml, causing crashes on linux
     0.1.12 - add: support to specify the folder for storing recordings
     0.1.11 - fix: some unicode string errors in german language file -
     change: add categories to addon settings 0.1.10 - add: support for
     using only the recording path currently active on the DVB box 0.1.9 -
     change: add addon icon (copyied from the openelec guys, thanks!) -
     fix: win32 release target (thanks to 'trans' for patch) 0.1.8 -
     change: fetch the

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