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Name: kodi-pvr-zattoo


Zattoo PVR for Kodi

Latest version: 18.1.5-2~eoan
Release: eoan (19.10)
Level: base
Repository: main


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Version: 18.1.5-2~eoan 2019-10-21 11:08:10 UTC

 kodi-pvr-zattoo (18.1.5-2~eoan) eoan; urgency=low
   [ kodi ]
   * autogenerated dummy changelog
   [ wsnipex ]
   * v18.1.5 - Serialize sending EPG to Kodi. v18.1.4 - Fallback to
     country code if service region country is missing v18.1.3 - Fix
     loading xmltv data v18.1.2 - Improve loading xmltv file v18.1.1 -
     Load description from xmltv file v18.1.0 - Support DASH widevine
     streams v18.0.68 - Fix setting image url for epg v18.0.67 - Fix
     image url for epg and recordings v18.0.66 - Fix reseller
     configuration v18.0.65 - Use TLS for external epg service - Inform
     that the zattoo session is provided to the epg service v18.0.64 -
     Set genre before transferring timer v18.0.63 - Add 1&1 TV as
     reseller v18.0.62 - Add swb TV as reseller v18.0.61 - Add tinyxml2
     as dependency (thanks to Rechi) - Cleanup c++ code (thanks to ksooo)
     v18.0.60 - Support external xmltv files v18.0.59 - Add tv.salt.ch as
     reseller v18.0.58 - Fix uuid handling v18.0.57 - Cleanup &
     improvements (thanks to Currywurst) v18.0.56 - Fix segmentation
     fault - Reduce log on level notice v18.0.55 - Fix wrong null ptr
     check in GetRecordingLastPlayedPosition v18.0.54 - Fix build with
     rapid json used by kodi v18.0.53 - Fix loading details of more than
     200 recordings v18.0.52 - Fix loading detail recording data v18.0.51
     - Enable replay also for hls streams v18.0.50 - Store app token in
     case it cannot be fetched from Zattoo v18.0.49 - Fix error if no
     recordings are available v18.0.48 - Update to PVR addon API v5.10.1
     v18.0.47 - Fix deadlock due to missing mutex.unlock() v18.0.46 - Fix
     loading recordings data v18.0.45 - Use v4 login api - Improve
     logging v18.0.44 - Update to PVR addon API v5.10.0 v18.0.43 -
     Improve handling of recordings v18.0.42 - Do not drop recording
     state if recordings are not yet loaded v18.0.41 - Store uuid after
     generating v18.0.40 - Improve storing session cookie v18.0.39 -
     Shorten session cookies in log v18.0.38 - Persist Zattoo session
     v18.0.37 - Cleanup cache also when recordings are not avialable -
     Provide addon version to Zattoo upon login v18.0.36 - Seek 5 minutes
     into recording stream v18.0.35 - Seek 5 minutes into replay stream
     v18.0.34 - Use service region country for epg v18.0.33 - Fix
     valgrind output v18.0.32 - Cleanup due to merge in Kodi v18.0.31 -
     Add quantum TV as reseller v18.0.30 - Set mime type to prevent HEAD
     request - Enable manifest refresh v18.0.29 - Support selective
     recall and restart v18.0.28 - Revert "Allow playing current program
     from start without recall" v18.0.27 - Disable playing future program
     v18.0.26 - Allow playing current program from start without recall
     v18.0.25 - Add some session information to log output v18.0.24 -
     Sync time handling with pvr.teleboy v18.0.23 - Add missing epg
     categories v18.0.22 - Search for eit_categories.txt in system addon
     path v18.0.21 - Search for logos in system addon path v18.0.20 - Fix
     race conditions while closing the addon v18.0.19 - Fix case where
     session is still alive while addon starts - Improve cache cleanup -
     Change some log levels v18.0.18 - Fix time zone for EPG v18.0.17 -
     Add some reseller netplus.tv -- mobiltv.quickline.com -- tvplus.m-
     net.de -- player.waly.tv -- meinewelt.cc -- bbv-tv.net -- vtxtv.ch --
     myvisiontv.ch -- iptv.glattvision.ch -- saktv.ch --
     nettv.netcologne.de -- tvonline.ewe.de v18.0.16 - Make loading EPG
     multithreaded v18.0.15 - Add debian folder - Remove tinyxml2
     v18.0.14 - Fix crash when loading EPG - Fix selection of Quickline
     v18.0.13 - Add support for Zattoo reseller (Quickline and Net+)
     v18.0.12 - Improve EPG loading v18.0.11 - Try to fix loading of
     guide v18.0.10 - Rename GetFileProperty to GetFilePropertyValue
     v18.0.9 - Fix build and solve warnings v18.0.8 - Load EPG async
     v18.0.7 - Replace libcurl with kodi implementation - Add cache to
     improve loading time of recordings and timer v18.0.6 - Adapt to
     final pvr api 5.7.0 v18.0.5 - Fix exception when loading timer
     v18.0.4 - Remove unused code - Reformat code - Replace libyajl with
     rapidjson v18.0.3 - Implement new replay api v18.0.2 - Allow
     selection between dash and hls stream v18.0.1 - Adapt to new api -
     Merge dash branch into master v18.0.0 - Initial support for Kodi 18
     Leia - Added minimalistic support for PVR Addon API 5.3.0 v0.2.11 -
     Merge v0.1.32 v0.2.10 - Merge v0.1.31 v0.2.9 - Merge v0.1.30 v0.2.8 -
     Fix error upon installation without settings v0.2.7 - Fix some minor
     memory leaks - Add new time-shift parameter to "watch" request
     v0.2.6 - Merge v0.1.29 v0.2.5 - Merge v0.1.28 v0.2.4 - Merge v0.1.27
     v0.2.3 - Merge v0.1.26 v0.2.2 - Merge v0.1.24 v0.2.1 - Temporary fix
     to show correct epg in case of replay v0.2.0 - Enable DASH - Enable
     Seeking (may not work with current inputstream.mpd) - Enable
     recording of past shows - Enable RePlay-TV - Please note that this
     version requires a patched version of Kodi v17 v0.1.33 - Initial
     support for Kodi 18 Leia - Added minimalistic support for PVR Addon
     API 5.3.0 v0.1.32 - Implement alternative EPG service to speed up
     and include description v0.1.31 - Refactor epg cache to solve memory
     issue v0.1.30 - Fix error upon installation without settings - Fix
     memory leaks - Remove some unused code - Sync code with zattoo_dash
     branch where possible v0.1.29 - Use libcurl to support https v0.1.28
     - Fix case where no genre is available v0.1.27 - Map genre in guid -
     Add genre to recording and timer - Add plot to recording v0.1.26 -
     Fix en_gb translations - Show channel name for recordings v0.1.25 -
     URL-Encode username and password v0.1.24 - New logo and fanart - Add
     LICENSE.txt - Add english translation v0.1.23 - Adapt to ne

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