Package "kodi-pvr-teleboy"

This package belongs to a PPA: Xbmc

Name: kodi-pvr-teleboy


Teleboy PVR for Kodi

Latest version: 18.0.25-2~eoan
Release: eoan (19.10)
Level: base
Repository: main


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Version: 18.0.25-2~eoan 2019-10-21 12:08:12 UTC

 kodi-pvr-teleboy (18.0.25-2~eoan) eoan; urgency=low
   [ kodi ]
   * autogenerated dummy changelog
   [ wsnipex ]
   * v18.0.25 - Correctly load genres v18.0.24 - Fix loading more than
     100 recordings v18.0.23 - Fix check for plus and comfort member
     v18.0.22 - Extract API key from html v18.0.21 - Reduce logging -
     Sync code with pvr.zattoo v18.0.20 - Add missing mutex unlock
     v18.0.19 - Update to PVR API v5.10.1 v18.0.18 - Update to PVR API
     v5.10.0 v18.0.17 - Add additional EPG fields (thanks to martinwilli)
     v18.0.16 - Seek 5 minutes into replay and recording stream v18.0.15 -
     Update to PVR API 5.9.0 v18.0.14 - Log notice if t.teleboy.ch is
     used v18.0.13 - Fix null pointer exception v18.0.12 - Cleanup due to
     merge in Kodi v18.0.11 - Follow stream redirects to workaround bug
     in inputstream.adaptive v18.0.10 - Automatically switch to
     t.teleboy.ch if redirected v18.0.9 - Allow switching to t.teleboy.ch
     v18.0.8 - Fix time zone handling - Fix race conditions while closing
     the addon v18.0.7 - Fix login for free accounts v18.0.6 - Output
     HTML body in case login fails v18.0.5 - Make loading EPG
     multithreaded v18.0.4 - Add debian folder v18.0.3 - Fix windows
     build - Limit update threads to 1 v18.0.2 - Switch to kodi curl
     implementation - Load EPG async - Cleanup v18.0.1 - Implement replay
     api v18.0.0 - Adapt for Kodi 18 Leia v17.0.5 - Initial support for
     Kodi 18 Leia - Added minimalistic support for PVR Addon API 5.3.0
     v17.0.4 - Add some information to recordings and epg v17.0.3 - Add
     UpdateThread to update timer and recordings v17.0.2 - Fix error upon
     installation without settings v17.0.1 - Remove fixed userId v17.0.0 -
     Initial version

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