Package "kodi-pvr-filmon"

This package belongs to a PPA: Xbmc

Name: kodi-pvr-filmon


FilmOn PVR for Kodi

Latest version: 2.4.6-1~eoan
Release: eoan (19.10)
Level: base
Repository: main


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Version: 2.4.6-1~eoan 2020-05-16 10:08:50 UTC

 kodi-pvr-filmon (2.4.6-1~eoan) eoan; urgency=low
   [ kodi ]
   * autogenerated dummy changelog

Source diff to previous version

Version: 2.4.5-2~eoan 2019-10-21 11:08:09 UTC

 kodi-pvr-filmon (2.4.5-2~eoan) eoan; urgency=low
   [ kodi ]
   * autogenerated dummy changelog
   [ wsnipex ]
   * 2.4.5 Update build system version and cleanup Fix package check for
     JsonCpp Added AppVeyor for Windows related build tests 2.4.4 Updated
     Language files from Transifex 2.4.3 Updated Language files from
     Transifex 2.4.2 Updated Language files from Transifex 2.4.1 Update
     to PVR addon API v5.10.1 2.4.0 Update to PVR addon API v5.10.0 2.3.4
     Update to PVR addon API v5.9.0 2.3.1 change to non deprecated
     jsoncpp methods 2.3.0 Update to PVR addon API v5.8.0 2.2.2 Bump
     jsoncpp to version 1.8.3 2.2.1 Remove StdString usage 2.2.0 Update
     to PVR addon API v5.7.0 bump jsoncpp depends to 0.10.6 2.1.0 Update
     to PVR addon API v5.3.0 2.0.4 Remove of never used addon interface
     function 2.0.3 Update Debian package control PVR addon callback way
     changes 2.0.2 Removed old no more needed version functions 2.0.1 Set
     dependency versions automatic during build Removed never used kodi
     to addon functions Build system fixes Language updates 2.0.0 Initial
     Kodi v18 version 1.4.5 Updated Fix EPG 1.4.3 Updated User Agent to
     login to FilmOn 1.4.2 Updated Language files from Transifex 1.4.1
     Updated Language files from Transifex 1.4.0 Cmake: rename
     find_package kodi to Kodi 1.3.1 Fix includes 1.3.0 Update to PVR
     addon API v5.2.0 1.2.0 Update to PVR addon API v5.1.0 1.1.0 Update
     to PVR addon API v5.0.0 1.0.1 Updated Language files from Transifex
     1.0.0 Initial Kodi Krypton version. 0.7.3 Updated Language files
     from Transifex 0.7.2 Updated Language files from Transifex 0.7.1
     Updated Language files from Transifex 0.7.0 added option to prefer
     SD streams 0.6.6 Updated to PVR API v4.1.0 0.6.5 Updated to PVR API
     v4.0.0 0.6.4 Updated to PVR API v3.0.0 (API 1.9.7 compatibility
     mode) 0.6.3 Updated to PVR API v2.1.0 Automatically fill in platform
     and library name 0.6.2 Debian packaging: fix library install path
     Miscellaneous backend fixes 0.6.1 Updated to API v2.0.0 0.6.0
     Updated to API v1.9.7 0.5.7 Updated Language files from Transifex
     0.5.6 Fix error building with debian 0.5.5 Updated to use new
     libplatform-dev 0.5.4 Updated to API v1.9.6 0.5.3 Fix missing
     libjsoncpp-dev dep 0.5.2 Updated to API v1.9.5 0.5.1 removed libcurl
     and cryptopp dependency 0.5.0 Updated to API v1.9.4 0.4.8 Updated
     Language files from Transifex 0.4.7 Updated Language files from
     Transifex 0.4.6 Add getBackendHostname function 0.4.5 Updated
     Language files from Transifex 0.4.4 change library name to Kodi
     0.4.3 fixed build error due to compiler warnings on some
     distributions (@anssih) 0.4.2 fixed deadlock when activating the
     addon on some darwin (osx, ios) runtimes 0.4.1 Updated Language
     files from Transifex 0.4.0 Add support for HLS. Fix recording
     storage. Notification on each channel load. 0.3.0 Initial working

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