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Name: kodi-pvr-vbox


VBox Home TV Gateway PVR client for Kodi

Latest version: 4.4.8-1~disco
Release: disco (19.04)
Level: base
Repository: main


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Version: 4.4.8-1~disco 2019-04-22 20:07:34 UTC

 kodi-pvr-vbox (4.4.8-1~disco) disco; urgency=low
   [ kodi ]
   * autogenerated dummy changelog
   [ wsnipex ]
   * 4.4.3 - Fixed wrong size caused crash in Android Oreo (8) 4.4.1 -
     Fix recordings playback not working (was broken since v4.2.0) 4.4.0 -
     Updated to PVR addon API v5.10.0 4.3.2 - Updated to PVR addon API
     v5.9.0 4.3.0 - Updated to PVR addon API v5.8.0 4.2.0 - Updated to
     PVR addon API v5.7.0 4.1.1 - Updated to PVR addon API v5.4.0 4.1.0 -
     Updated to PVR addon API v5.3.0 4.0.5 - Remove of never used addon
     interface function 4.0.5 - Update Debian package control - PVR addon
     callback way changes 4.0.4 - removed old no more needed version
     functions 4.0.3 - set dependency versions automatic during build -
     removed never used kodi to addon functions - improve build system
     4.0.2 - fixed some Coverity issues - fixed Travis CI builds - fixed
     recordings and timers not loading 4.0.1 - fixed crash caused by
     empty XML strings - ignore programme if no start/end time or channel
     - updated Language files from Transifex 4.0.0 - initial Kodi v18
     version 3.6.7 - add missing changelog entries - reformat the
     changelog 3.6.6 - fixed Travis CI builds - fixed recordings and
     timers not loading 3.6.5 - updated Language files from Transifex
     3.6.4 - updated Language files from Transifex 3.6.3 - fixed crash
     caused by empty XML strings - ignore programme if no start/end time
     or channel - updated Language files from Transifex 3.6.2 - fixed
     more Coverity issues - updated Language files from Transifex 3.6.1 -
     fixed some Coverity issues 3.6.0 - Added series (timer rules)
     implementation for manual + series - Added genre mapping from
     category tags - Added channels & guide database version check to
     prevent redundant fetching - Added rescannig EPG (in the backend) to
     TV settings client specific menu - Added fetching EPG (from backend
     to addon) to TV settings client specific menu - Changed display of
     channel order setting in settings screen - Added popup reminders (no
     switch) setting / canceling from EPG + channels context menus (in
     client actions) - Added support for setting recording margins in TV
     Settings (if version is 2.57+, both can be set, otherwise - larger
     margin is set for both ends) - Reduced getting signal status
     frequency to a minimum of 10 seconds - Fixed crashes caused by
     channel names containing only whitespaces 3.5.0 - fixed Travis CI
     builds - ignore guide programs with the title "String format is not
     supported" - fixed major buffering and stuttering on Kodi Krypton -
     support channel icons from the backend again - minor refactoring
     3.4.4 - updated Language files from Transifex 3.4.3 - updated
     Language files from Transifex 3.4.2 - updated Language files from
     Transifex 3.4.1 - updated Language files from Transifex 3.4.0 -
     Cmake: rename find_package kodi to Kodi 3.3.1 - Fix includes 3.3.0 -
     Updated to PVR addon API v5.2.0 3.2.0 - Updated to PVR addon API
     v5.1.0 3.1.0 - Updated to PVR addon API v5.0.0 3.0.1 - updated
     Language files from Transifex 3.0.0 - Initial Kodi Krypton version.
     2.1.9 - Fixed recording bug for program names with whitespaces 2.1.8
     - Added support for all VBox Comm product families (2 letters,
     starts with "V") 2.1.7 - updated Language files from Transifex 2.1.6
     - updated Language files from Transifex 2.1.5 - updated Language
     files from Transifex 2.1.4 - fixed a deadlock that could occur once
     the addon had been running for some time 2.1.3 - Updated to PVR API
     v4.1.0 2.1.2 - Updated to PVR API v4.0.0 2.1.1 - Updated to PVR API
     v3.0.0 (API 1.9.7 Compatibility mode) 2.1.0 - Updated to PVR API
     v2.1.0 - Automatically fill in platform and library name 2.0.2 -
     debian packaging: fix library install path - miscellaneous backend
     fixes 2.0.1 - support event/programme icons from external guide data
     - improve XMLTV reading, should hopefully fix some issues 2.0.0 -
     updated to PVR Addon API v2.0.0 1.3.5 - updated Language files from
     Transifex 1.3.4 - fixed some minor bugs introduced in the last
     version - improved fault tolerance and logging when loading external
     guide data and the channel mapping file 1.3.3 - compare channel
     names case-insensitively when mapping between the internal and
     external guide - fixed some issues during startup which could lead
     to crashes - use the specified connection timeout when streaming
     too, not just for API communication - fixed a bug where the
     timeshift buffer could get "stuck" if a channel didn't open
     successfully - bypass timeshifting for radio channels, fixes radio
     playback stuttering for now - fixed crash when using external XMLTV
     from an invalid/missing file 1.3.2 - fixed Coverity issues -
     gracefully handle exceptions when parsing external XMLTV data 1.3.1 -
     fix Windows build 1.3.0 - bumped minimum required firmware version
     to 2.48 - improved error messages when XML parsing fails - include
     current delivery system in the mux signal status field - fix some
     issues with timezones, especially when using external EPG data -
     fixed recordings being unnamed when external EPG data is used - show
     recordings with errors in Kodi (so they can be deleted) - minor
     updates to the README - don't abort guide retrieval just because one
     part of it failed - refactored the XMLTV code to make it more robust
     - added ability to use channel icons from external XMLTV - added
     option to use HTTPS for API communication - upgrade tinyxml2 to the
     latest version, ship locally instead of relying on system libraries
     1.2.0 - fixed a potential crash when loading XMLTV data - added
     ability to customize the mapping of XMLTV channels (see the README
     for more details) - fixed missing "Connecti

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