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Name: kodi-pvr-mediaportal-tvserver-dbg


debug symbols for MediaPortal PVR for Kodi

Latest version: 3.5.18-1~disco
Release: disco (19.04)
Level: base
Repository: main
Head package: kodi-pvr-mediaportal-tvserver


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Version: 3.5.18-1~disco 2019-05-17 18:08:39 UTC

 kodi-pvr-mediaportal-tvserver (3.5.18-1~disco) disco; urgency=low
   [ kodi ]
   * autogenerated dummy changelog

Source diff to previous version

Version: 3.5.17-1~disco 2019-04-22 20:07:33 UTC

 kodi-pvr-mediaportal-tvserver (3.5.17-1~disco) disco; urgency=low
   [ kodi ]
   * autogenerated dummy changelog
   [ wsnipex ]
   * v3.5.17: - Added: GetStreamReadChunkSize support (Refs #92) - Fixed:
     TSReader (RTSP): pause hangs Kodi v3.5.16: - Fixed: skin background
     for the custom DialogRecordSettings on unsupported skins - Fixed:
     DialogRecordSettings for skin.estuary - Fixed: DialogRecordSettings
     for skin.transparency - Fixed: TSReader RTSP playback (regression
     bug introduced in v3.5.14) v3.5.15: - Fixed: recording playback when
     the description contains text with a return v3.5.14: - Fixed: Delete
     the tsreader when tuning to a new channel failed. This fixes the
     first re-tune to a working channel after a failure - Updated:
     recommended TVServerKodi version to build 140 - Recording playback:
     update the end time if the recording is still ongoing - Recording:
     Prevent setting a negative last played position. MediaPortal does
     not like this. - Recording: mark in-progress recording as "real-
     time" also on non-Windows targets - Fixed: various 64-bit compiler
     warnings - Fixed: Increase the command buffer size to fit the full
     contents of strRecordingId in DeleteRecording() and GetRecordings() -
     Fixed: tsreader: checking for < 0 on unsigned values is useless
     v3.5.13: - Translation update from Transifex v3.5.12: - Translation
     update from Transifex v3.5.11: - Fixed: GetAddonCapabilities() did
     not explicitly set all newly added capabilities - Fixed: Error:
     "Couldn't get 'defaultrecordinglifetime' setting, falling back to
     '100' as default" - Fixed: Kodi crash during plugin load v3.5.10 -
     Android: fix compiling for android with ndk-18 (credits Rechi)
     v3.5.9 - Translation update from Transifex v3.5.8 - Windows UWP:
     Fixes for recording playback (TSReader) via the vfs.smb2 plugin -
     Windows UWP: disable recording thumbnails code for now (does not
     work over network shares) v3.5.7 - Fixed: timeshift support for Live
     TV in v18 (TSReader) v3.5.6 - Translation update from Transifex
     v3.5.5 - Fixed: Windows UWP build - Added: Check also
     C:\ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal TV Server\thumbs for
     recording thumbs in single seat mode v3.5.4 - Remove Windows XP
     support - Don't update the Kodi connection state when trying to
     connect in the background thread. This prevents pop-ups every minute
     when the backend is down. - Report readable connection state changes
     instead of numbers - Remove the deprecated PositionLiveStream() and
     PositionRecordedStream() functions - Replace TVServerXBMC plugin
     references by TVServerKodi - Accessing %PROGRAMDATA% for TV
     thumbnails is only possbile for Windows Desktop - Replace all
     GetTickCount() calls by GetTickCount64() for UWP compatibility -
     Don't report an empty connection string in the log - Fixed: seek in
     recordings was broken in v18 - Fixed: recording playback as rtsp
     stream via internal Kodi videoplayer - Fixed: Restore file playback
     via internal Kodi videoplayer on Windows (PVR addon by-pass) -
     GetChannelGroupMembers: add iSubChannelNumber support (PVR API
     5.8.0) v3.5.3 - Translation update from Transifex v3.5.2 -
     Translation update from Transifex v3.5.1 - Updated to PVR addon API
     v5.10.1 v3.5.0 - Updated to PVR addon API v5.10.0 v3.4.4 - Updated
     to PVR addon API v5.9.0 v3.4.1 - New addon setting for the keep
     method & default lifetime of recordings v3.4.0 - Updated to PVR
     addon API v5.8.0 v3.3.3 - MacOSX compile fix v3.3.2 - Code cleanup:
     remove legacy PVR API functions and CStdString - Set genre of
     recorded shows to custom string (Credits: Timothy Massing) - Re-
     implement fast channel switching logic in a different way after the
     removal of the SwitchChannel function - PVR API v5.3.0: Add
     PVR_TIMER_TYPE_SUPPORTS_ANY_CHANNEL tag to the "Every time on every
     channel" record option v3.3.1 - Translation update from Transifex
     v3.3.0 - Updated to PVR addon API v5.7.0 v3.2.0 - Updated to PVR
     addon API v5.6.0 - Removed GetLiveStreamURL functionality. v3.1.0 -
     Updated to PVR addon API v5.3.0 v3.0.5 - Remove of never used addon
     interface function v3.0.4 - Update Debian package control - PVR
     addon callback way changes v3.0.3 - Removed old no more needed
     version functions v3.0.2 - set dependency versions automatic during
     build - removed never used kodi to addon functions - build system
     cleanup and fixes v3.0.1 - Add support for asynchronous connect. The
     addon will now regularly try to connect to the backend if it is not
     connected already. - Added support for the recording channelType
     property to distinguish between radio and tv recordings (requires
     TVServerKodi v1.15.0.136 or above) - Added a fallback for in-
     progress recording playback using the TSReader. When the filename is
     empty, try the RTSP url and vice versa. - OpenRecordedStream: send
     additional error messages to the log in case things fail here.
     v3.0.0 - Initial Kodi v18 version V2.4.9 - Adapt to API change -
     SeekTime v2.4.8 - Add Estuary skin support for the old series timer
     dialog - Fixed: various Coverity reported issues for Live555 (part
     2) - Fixed: PVR recordings episode name being set to subplot. v2.4.7
     - Fixed: Live555: Android compile fix v2.4.6 - Fixed: various
     Coverity reported issues for Live555 v2.4.5 - Cosmetics: remove the
     remark about "tsreader + FFmpeg". - TSReader: add Live555 RTSP
     support back. Current ffmpeg rtsp streams are quite unstable. - Add
     ipv6 support for connecting to the TVServerKodi plugin. v2.4.4 -
     Updated language files from Transifex v2.4.3 - Updated language
     files from Transifex v2.4.2 - Updated language files from Transifex
     v2.4.1 - Updated language files from Transifex v2.4.0

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