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Name: chromium-browser


Chromium browser
Chromium is an open-source browser project that aims to build a safer, faster,
and more stable way for all Internet users to experience the web.

Chromium serves as a base for Google Chrome, which is Chromium rebranded (name
and logo) with very few additions such as usage tracking and an auto-updater

This package contains the Chromium browser

Latest version: *DELETED*
Release: precise (12.04)
Level: base
Repository: main


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Repository Area Version
base universe 18.0.1025.151~r130497-0ubuntu1
security universe 37.0.2062.120-0ubuntu0.12.04.4
updates universe 37.0.2062.120-0ubuntu0.12.04.4
PPA: Chromium Stable Channel 30.0.1599.114-0ubuntu0.12.04.4~cm0precise
PPA: WebApps Preview 20.0.1132.47~r144678-0precise1+webapps7
PPA: Mint Upstream 2020.10.27
PPA: Mint Upstream 2020.10.27
PPA: Mint Upstream 2020.10.27

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Version: *DELETED* 2014-01-14 17:12:18 UTC
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Version: 31.0.1650.57-0ubuntu0.12.04.2 2013-12-04 22:08:20 UTC

 chromium-browser (31.0.1650.57-0ubuntu0.12.04.2) precise-security; urgency=low
   * Include dmesg events mentioning chromium in apport reports.
   * Abandon nss transitional package as Dependency, and add real package.

Source diff to previous version

Version: 30.0.1599.114-0ubuntu0.12.04.3 2013-10-30 23:08:28 UTC

 chromium-browser (30.0.1599.114-0ubuntu0.12.04.3) precise-security; urgency=low
   * debian/patches/menu-bar-visible.patch: Variable is the object itself, not a
     reference needed to ".get" it.

Source diff to previous version

Version: 29.0.1547.65-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 2013-09-07 23:09:39 UTC

 chromium-browser (29.0.1547.65-0ubuntu0.12.04.1) precise-security; urgency=low
   * New release 29.0.1547.65.
   * New release 29.0.1547.62.
   * New release 29.0.1547.57: (LP: #1215361)
     - CVE-2013-2900: Incomplete path sanitization in file handling.
     - CVE-2013-2905: Information leak via overly broad permissions on shared
       memory files.
     - CVE-2013-2901: Integer overflow in ANGLE.
     - CVE-2013-2902: Use after free in XSLT.
     - CVE-2013-2903: Use after free in media element.
     - CVE-2013-2904: Use after free in document parsing.
     - CVE-2013-2887: Various fixes from internal audits, fuzzing and other
       initiatives (Chrome 29).
   * debian/patches/duckduckgo.patch: Include DuckDuckGo in search-engine
     list. [Caine Tighe ]
   * debian/patches/search-credit.patch: Update URLs.
   * debian/patches/disable_dlog_and_dcheck_in_release_builds.patch,
       No longer necessary. Deleted.
   * debian/chromium-browser.sh.in: Include command-line parameters for
     registered plugins.
   * Since we include remoting locales too, also split its locales info
     into the -l10n package correctly.
   * debian/rules: Disable arm_neon_optional. Impossible with sandbox, AND
     breaks build right now.
   * debian/rules: Fix packaging-completeness checker.
   * debian/rules: Break long expressions into discrete parts in packaging
     completeness checker.
   * debian/rules:
     - Make unused-file matches simpler, and install rule more descriptive.
     - get-orig-source has to make the directory for the orig contents.
   * debian/source/lintian-overrides:
     - Add old-fsf-address-in-copyright-file and image-file-in-usr-lib
     - Fix setuid-binary to be "source". Seems like it should be "binary". :(
   * debian/checkout-orig-source.mk: Remove tests and add unofficialness
     marker file to orig tarball when we can't use upstream orig releases.
   * debian/chromium-browser.dirs: Add reference to /usr/share/chromium-browser,
     expmplary for extension placement.
   * debian/patches/extensions-directory.patch: Use a /usr/share/ directory that
     is named with our package, not "chromium". Withouth this, we force global
     extensions to violate FHS.

Source diff to previous version
1215361 Please update to 29.0.1547.57
CVE-2013-2900 The FilePath::ReferencesParent function in files/file_path.cc in ...
CVE-2013-2905 The SharedMemory::Create function in memory/shared_memory_posix.cc in ...
CVE-2013-2901 Multiple integer overflows in (1) libGLESv2/renderer/Renderer9.cpp and ...
CVE-2013-2902 Use-after-free vulnerability in the XSLT ProcessingInstruction ...
CVE-2013-2903 Use-after-free vulnerability in the ...
CVE-2013-2904 Use-after-free vulnerability in the Document::finishedParsing function ...
CVE-2013-2887 Multiple unspecified vulnerabilities in Google Chrome before ...

Version: 28.0.1500.95-0ubuntu0.12.04.2 2013-08-19 18:09:14 UTC

 chromium-browser (28.0.1500.95-0ubuntu0.12.04.2) precise-security; urgency=low
   * debian/control: Set VCS URL to be accurate.
   * New release 28.0.1500.95:
     - CVE-2013-2881: Origin bypass in frame handling.
     - CVE-2013-2882: Type confusion in V8.
     - CVE-2013-2883: Use-after-free in MutationObserver.
     - CVE-2013-2884: Use-after-free in DOM.
     - CVE-2013-2885: Use-after-free in input handling.
     - CVE-2013-2886: Various fixes from internal audits, fuzzing and other
   * debian/rules:
     - Keepalive in tests rule, to keep builder machines from reaping.
     - Further exclude a few tests that interact with fakeroot,
   * debian/rules:
     - Disable logging calls in chromium binary to save several MB of executable
   * debian/patches/linker-asneeded-bug.patch:
     - Add patch to work around linker bug.
   * debian/keep-alive.sh:
     - Treat disappearing /proc as error, and quit.

CVE-2013-2881 Google Chrome before 28.0.1500.95 does not properly handle frames, ...
CVE-2013-2882 Google V8, as used in Google Chrome before 28.0.1500.95, allows remote ...
CVE-2013-2883 Use-after-free vulnerability in Google Chrome before 28.0.1500.95 ...
CVE-2013-2884 Use-after-free vulnerability in the DOM implementation in Google ...
CVE-2013-2885 Use-after-free vulnerability in Google Chrome before 28.0.1500.95 ...
CVE-2013-2886 Multiple unspecified vulnerabilities in Google Chrome before ...

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