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Name: xdg-desktop-portal


desktop integration portal for Flatpak
xdg-desktop-portal provides a portal frontend service for Flatpak, and
possibly other desktop containment/sandboxing frameworks. This service
is made available to the sandboxed application, and provides mediated
D-Bus interfaces for file access, URI opening, printing and similar
desktop integration features.

The implementation of these interfaces is expected to require
user confirmation before responding to the sandboxed application's
requests. For example, when the sandboxed application ask to open a file,
the portal implementation will open an "Open" dialog outside the sandbox,
and will only make the selected file available to the sandboxed app if
that dialog is confirmed.

xdg-desktop-portal is designed to be desktop-agnostic, and uses a
desktop-environment-specific GUI backend such as xdg-desktop-portal-gtk
to provide its functionality.

Latest version: 1.0.2-flatpak1~xenial
Release: sylvia
Level: base
Repository: import
Homepage: http://flatpak.org/


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base main 1.14.3-0ubuntu2
updates universe 1.14.4-1ubuntu2~22.04.1
updates main 1.14.4-1ubuntu2~22.04.1

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