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Name: warzone2100-video


Post-nuclear 3D real-time strategy game - videos
This package contains the videos for Warzone 2100. Those mostly tell the story
of the campaign, and are not needed for pure skirmish/multiplayer.

Latest version: 3.1.0-1~getdeb2
Release: xenial (16.04)
Level: getdeb
Repository: games
Homepage: http://wz2100.net/


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Version: 3.1.0-1~getdeb2 2016-04-21 06:56:21 UTC

warzone2100-video (3.1.0-1~getdeb2) trusty; urgency=medium

  * Remove debian/watch file.

 -- Christoph Korn Sun, 04 Jan 2015 02:20:55 +0100

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