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Name: snapd


Daemon and tooling that enable snap packages

Latest version: *DELETED*
Release: trusty (14.04)
Level: proposed
Repository: universe
Homepage: https://github.com/snapcore/snapd


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security main 2.37.4~14.04.1
updates main 2.38~14.04

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Version: 2.35.2~14.04 2018-10-02 20:06:38 UTC

  snapd (2.35.2~14.04) trusty; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release, LP: #1786438
    - cmd,overlord/snapstate: go 1.11 format fixes
    - ifacestate: fix hang when retrying content providers
    - snap-env-generator: do nothing when PATH is unset
    - interfaces/modem-manager: allow access to more USB strings

1786438 [SRU] 2.35

Version: *DELETED* 2018-07-30 11:06:36 UTC
No changelog for deleted or moved packages.

Version: 2.34.2~14.04 2018-07-19 12:07:20 UTC

  snapd (2.34.2~14.04) trusty; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release, LP: #1779403
    - packaging: fix bogus date in fedora snapd.spec
    - tests: fix tests expecting old email address

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1779403 [SRU] 2.34

Version: 2.33.1~14.04 2018-06-21 18:06:45 UTC

  snapd (2.33.1~14.04) trusty; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release, LP: #1773118
    - many: improve udev trigger on refresh experience
    - systemd: require snapd.socket in snapd.seeded.service
    - snap: don't include newline in hook environment
    - interfaces/apparmor: allow killing snap-update-ns
    - tests: skip "try" test on s390x
    - tests: skip security-dev-input-event-denied when /dev/input/by-
      path/ is missing
    - tests: skip security-dev-input-event-denied on s390x/arm64

 -- Michael Vogt <email address hidden> Thu, 21 Jun 2018 17:37:56 +0200

Source diff to previous version
1773118 [SRU] 2.33

Version: 2.33~14.04 2018-06-19 14:06:51 UTC

  snapd (2.33~14.04) trusty; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release, LP: #1773118
    - packaging: use official bolt in the errtracker on fedora
    - many: add `snap debug connectivity` command
    - interfaces/raw-usb: also allow usb serial devices
    - errtracker: do not send duplicated reports
    - selftest: add new selftest package that tests squashfs mounting
    - tests: backport lxd force stop and econnreset fixes
    - tests: add test to ensure /dev/input/event* for non-joysticks is
    - interfaces/joystick: support modern evdev joysticks
    - interfaces: add juju-client-observe
    - interfaces/hardware-observe: allow access to /etc/sensors* for
    - many: holding refresh on metered connections
    - many: expose AppStream IDs (AKA common ID)
    - tests: speed up save/restore snapd state for all-snap systems
      during tests execution
    - interfaces/apparmor: use helper to load stray profile
    - tests: ubuntu core abstraction
    - overlord/snapstate: don't panic in a corner case interaction of
      cleanup tasks and pruning
    - interfaces/apparmor: add 'mediate_deleted' profile flag for all
    - tests: new parameter for the journalctl rate limit
    - spread-shellcheck: port to python
    - interfaces/home: add 'read' attribute to allow non-owner read to
    - testutil: import check.v1 differently to workaround gccgo error
    - interfaces/many: miscellaneous updates for default, desktop,
      desktop-legacy, system-observe, hardware-observe, opengl and gpg-
    - snapstate/hooks: reorder autoconnect and reconnect hooks
    - daemon: update unit tests to match current master
    - overlord/snapshotstate/backend: introducing the snapshot backend
    - many: support 'system' nickname in interfaces
    - userd: add the "snap" scheme to the whitelist
    - many: make rebooting of core on refresh immediate, refactor logic
      around it
    - tests/main/snap-service-timer: account for service timer being in
      the 'running' state
    - interfaces/builtin: allow access to libGLESv* too for opengl
    - daemon: fix unit tests on arch
    - interfaces/default,process-control: miscellaneous signal policy
    - interfaces/bulitin: add write permission to optical-drive
    - configstate: validate known core.* options
    - snap, wrappers: systemd WatchdogSec support
    - ifacestate: do not auto-connect manually disconnected interfaces
    - systemd: mock useFuse() so testsuite passes in container via lxd
    - snap/env: fix env duplication logic
    - snap: some doc comments fixes and additions
    - cmd/snap-confine, interfaces/opengl: allow access to glvnd EGL
      vendor files
    - ifacestate: unify reconnect and autoconnect methods
    - tests: fix user mounts test for external systems
    - overlord/snapstate,overlord/auth,store: coalesce no auth user
      refresh requests
    - boot,partition: improve tests/docs around SetNextBoot()
    - many: improve `snap wait` command
    - snap: fix `snap interface --attrs` output when numbers are used
    - cmd/snap-update-ns: poke holes when creating source paths for
    - snapstate: support getting new bases/default-providers on refresh
    - ifacemgr: remove stale connections on startup
    - asserts: use Attrer in policy checks
    - testutil: record system call errors / return values
    - tests: increase timeouts to make tests reliable on slow boards
    - repo: pass and return ConnRef via pointers
    - interfaces: add xdg-document-portal support to desktop interface
    - debian: add a zenity|kdialog suggests
    - snapstate: make TestDoPrereqRetryWhenBaseInFlight less brittle
    - tests: go must be installed as a classic snap
    - tests: use journalctl cursors instead rotating logs
    - daemon: add confinement-options to /v2/system-info
      daemon: refactor classic support flag to be more structured
    - tests: build spread in the autopkgtests with a more recent go
    - cmd/snap: fix the message when snap.channel != snap.tracking
    - overlord/snapstate: allow core defaults configuration via 'system'
    - many: add "snap debug sandbox-features" and needed bits
    - interfaces: interface hooks for refresh
    - snapd.core-fixup.sh: add workaround for corrupted uboot.env
    - boot: clear "snap_mode" when needed
    - many: add wait command and `snapd.seeded` service
    - interfaces: move host font update-ns AppArmor rules to desktop
    - jsonutil/safejson: introducing safejson.String &
    - cmd/snap-update-ns: use Secure.BindMount to bind mount files
    - cmd/snap-update-ns,tests: mimic the mode and ownership of
    - cmd/snap-update-ns: add support for ignoring mounts with missing
    - interfaces: interface hooks implementation
    - cmd/libsnap: fix compile error on more restrictive gcc
      cmd/libsnap: fix compilation errors on gcc 8
    - interfaces/apparmor: allow bash and dash to be in /usr/bin/
    - cmd/snap-confine: allow any base snap to provide /etc/alternatives
    - tests: fix interfaces-network test for systems with partial
    - spread.yaml: add cosmic (18.10) to autopkgtest/qemu
    - tests: ubuntu 18.04 or higher does not need linux-image-extra-
    - configcore: validate experimental.layouts option
    - interfaces:minor autoconnect cleanup
    - HACKING: fix typos
    - spread: add adt for ubuntu 18.10
    - tests: skip test lp-1721518 for arch, snapd is failing to start
      after reboot
    - interfaces/x11: allow X11 slot implementations
    - tests: checking interfaces declaring the specific interface
    - snap: improve error for snaps not available in the given context
    - cmdstate: add missing test for default timeout handling
    - tests: shellcheck spread tasks
    - cmd/snap: update install/refresh help vs --revision
    - cmd/snap-c

1773118 [SRU] 2.33

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