Package "gce-compute-image-packages"

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Name: gce-compute-image-packages


GCE's compute-image-packages for use in their guest environment

Latest version: *DELETED*
Release: trusty (14.04)
Level: proposed
Repository: universe
Homepage: https://github.com/GoogleCloudPlatform/compute-image-packages


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security universe 20190315-0ubuntu1~14.04.0
updates universe 20190315-0ubuntu1~14.04.0

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Version: *DELETED* 2018-10-10 18:07:00 UTC
Moved to trusty:universe:updates
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Version: 20180905+dfsg1-0ubuntu1~14.04.0 2018-09-17 17:06:59 UTC

  gce-compute-image-packages (20180905+dfsg1-0ubuntu1~14.04.0) trusty; urgency=medium

  * Backport to Trusty
    - Revert ordering shutdown scripts after snapd.service.
    - Revert adding /snap/bin to PATH for startup/shutdown scripts
    - Revert to using dh-systemd because Xenial does not have the debhelper
  * Revert "Build depend on debhelper (>= 9.20160709) instead of on dh-systemd"
    This reverts commit 1afdbde3f27ab4d1712b1a0d4cc14df3a0528bdc.
    Xenial does not have that debhelper version thus dh-systemd is needed there.
  * Build-depend on libboost-regex-dev for regex support
  * Choose std:: or boost:: regex based on support for C++11
  * Set LDFLAGS at the end of the the c++ command line right before libs.
    This fixes passig additional libs to make, namely -lboost_regex
  * Link with boost for regex support
  * Free tests from C++11 constructs to let them being compiled without C++11 support

Version: *DELETED* 2018-06-15 08:06:45 UTC
Moved to trusty:universe:updates
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Version: 20180510+dfsg1-0ubuntu3~14.04.3 2018-06-09 01:06:46 UTC

  gce-compute-image-packages (20180510+dfsg1-0ubuntu3~14.04.3) trusty; urgency=medium

  * Restart services upon upgrade with upstart, too
  * Remove handling the systemd cases from maintainer scripts

Source diff to previous version

Version: 20180510+dfsg1-0ubuntu3~14.04.2 2018-05-31 12:07:26 UTC

  gce-compute-image-packages (20180510+dfsg1-0ubuntu3~14.04.2) trusty; urgency=medium

  * Revert to debhelper to perform most service operations

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