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Name: linux-libc-dev


Linux Kernel Headers for development

Latest version: 3.13.0-24.46
Release: trusty (14.04)
Level: base
Repository: main
Head package: linux


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security main 3.13.0-170.220
updates main 3.13.0-170.220


Version: 3.13.0-19.40 2014-03-24 16:07:15 UTC

  linux (3.13.0-19.40) trusty; urgency=low

  [ Tim Gardner ]

  * [Config] Add new mlx modules to d-i
  * [Config] Fix d-i spelling error: ahxi_xgene --> ahci_xgene
  * [Config] Added Muti-Arch support for linux-headers-PKGVER-ABINUM,
    linux-tools-common, and linux-cloud-tools-common
    - LP: #1295112
  * Release Tracking Bug
    - LP: #1296484

  [ Upstream Kernel Changes ]

  * Drivers: hv: vmbus: Specify the target CPU that should receive
    - LP: #1295813
 -- Tim Gardner <email address hidden> Sun, 23 Mar 2014 19:54:50 -0600

Source diff to previous version
1295112 Unable to install 64-bit kernel on 64-bit-capable system installed with 32-bit userland+kernel
1296484 linux: 3.13.0-19.40 -proposed tracker
1295813 hyper-v: vmbus: Specify the target CPU that should receive notification

Version: 3.13.0-19.39 2014-03-22 18:07:15 UTC

  linux (3.13.0-19.39) trusty; urgency=low

  [ Tim Gardner ]

  * Release Tracking Bug
    - LP: #1295462

  [ Andy Whitcroft ]

  * ubuntu: aufs3 -- update update scripting
  * ubuntu: AUFS -- update to 75dbb997b5812e16771bec20e92449ba0b1705d9

  [ Anup Patel ]

  * SAUCE: (no-up) KVM: Documentation: Fix typo for KVM_ARM_VCPU_INIT ioctl
  * SAUCE: (no-up) arm64: KVM: Force undefined exception for Guest SMC

  [ dann frazier ]

  * SAUCE: (no-up) Fix pcie-xgene build failure

  [ Emmanuel Grumbach ]

  * SAUCE: iwlwifi: mvm: send udev event upon firmware error to dump logs

  [ Feng Kan ]

  * SAUCE: (no-up) power: reset: Add generic SYSCON register mapped reset
    - LP: #1284433
  * SAUCE: (no-up) arm64: dts: Add X-Gene reboot driver dts node
    - LP: #1284433

  [ Hans de Goede ]

  * SAUCE: (no-up) libahci: Allow drivers to override start_engine
    - LP: #1282920
  * SAUCE: (no-up) ahci-platform: Add support for devices with more then 1
    - LP: #1282920
  * SAUCE: (no-up) ahci-platform: Add support for an optional regulator for
    sata-target power
    - LP: #1282920
  * SAUCE: (no-up) ahci-platform: Add enable_ / disable_resources helper
    - LP: #1282920
  * SAUCE: (no-up) ahci-platform: "Library-ise" ahci_probe functionality
    - LP: #1282920
  * SAUCE: (no-up) ahci-platform: "Library-ise" suspend / resume
    - LP: #1282920

  [ Iyappan Subramanian ]

  * SAUCE: (no-up) Documentation: APM X-Gene SoC Ethernet DTS binding
  * SAUCE: (no-up) arm64: dts: APM X-Gene SoC Ethernet device tree nodes
  * SAUCE: (no-up) drivers: net: APM X-Gene SoC Ethernet base driver
  * SAUCE: (no-up) drivers: net: APM X-Gene SoC Ethernet driver error
  * SAUCE: (no-up) drivers: net: APM X-Gene SoC Ethernet driver ethtool

  [ Loc Ho ]

  * SAUCE: (no-up) Documentation: Add APM X-Gene SoC 15Gbps Multi-purpose
    PHY driver binding documentation
    - LP: #1282920
  * SAUCE: (no-up) PHY: add APM X-Gene SoC 15Gbps Multi-purpose PHY driver
    - LP: #1282920
  * SAUCE: (no-up) arm64: Add APM X-Gene SoC 15Gbps Multi-purpose PHY DTS
    - LP: #1282920
  * SAUCE: (no-up) Documentation: Add documentation for the APM X-Gene SoC
    SATA host controller DTS binding
  * SAUCE: (no-up) ata: Add APM X-Gene SoC AHCI SATA host controller driver
  * SAUCE: (no-up) ata: Fix compiler warning with APM X-Gene host
    controller driver
  * SAUCE: (no-up) arm64: Add APM X-Gene SoC AHCI SATA host controller DTS
  * SAUCE: (no-up) clk: arm64: Fix the clock-names property for pcppll,
    socpll, and socplldiv2

  [ Marc Zyngier ]

  * SAUCE: (no-up) arm64: KVM: force cache clean on page fault when caches
    are off
  * SAUCE: (no-up) arm64: KVM: allows discrimination of AArch32 sysreg
  * SAUCE: (no-up) arm64: KVM: trap VM system registers until MMU and
    caches are ON
  * SAUCE: (no-up) ARM: KVM: introduce kvm_p*d_addr_end
  * SAUCE: (no-up) arm64: KVM: flush VM pages before letting the guest
    enable caches
  * SAUCE: (no-up) ARM: KVM: force cache clean on page fault when caches
    are off

  [ Ming Lei ]

  * SAUCE: (no-up) arm64: apm-storm: support ttyS1
  * SAUCE: (no-up) apm: pcie: fix hang when no card connected

  [ Paolo Pisati ]

  * [Config] armhf: generic: disable CPU_IDLE
  * [Config] armhf: CPU_FREQ=y
  * [Config] armhf: TI_THERMAL=y

  [ Rameshwar Prasad Sahu ]

  * SAUCE: (no-up) rtc: Add X-Gene SoC Real Time Clock Driver

  [ Ravi Patel ]

  * SAUCE: (no-up) Documentation: misc-devices: APM X-Gene SoC QMTM
  * SAUCE: (no-up) Documentation: devicetree: bindings for APM X-Gene SoC
  * SAUCE: (no-up) misc: xgene: base driver for APM X-Gene SoC QMTM
  * SAUCE: (no-up) arm64: boot: dts: entries for APM X-Gene SoC QMTM
  * SAUCE: (no-up) misc: xgene: error handling for APM X-Gene SoC QMTM

  [ Roger Quadros ]

  * SAUCE: (no-up) ata: ahci_platform: Manage SATA PHY
    - LP: #1282920
  * SAUCE: (no-up) ata: ahci_platform: runtime resume the device before use
    - LP: #1282920

  [ Seth Forshee ]

  * SAUCE: iwlwifi: mvm: Free sram dump immediately after using it
  * SAUCE: iwlwifi: mvm: Only notify userspace of fw error dump when one is
  * SAUCE: iwlwifi: mvm: Don't create fw error dump if there's nothing to

  [ Tanmay Inamdar ]

  * SAUCE: (no-up) arm64: PCI(e) arch support
  * SAUCE: (no-up) pci: APM X-Gene PCIe controller driver
  * SAUCE: (no-up) arm64: dts: APM X-Gene PCIe device tree nodes
  * SAUCE: (no-up) dt-bindings: pci: xgene pcie device tree bindings
  * SAUCE: (no-up) MAINTAINERS: entry for APM X-Gene PCIe host driver

  [ Tim Gardner ]

  * [Config] CONFIG_POWER_RESET_SYSCON=y for arm64
  * SAUCE: (no-up) Restrict CONFIG_POWER_RESET_SYSCON to arm64 only
  * SAUCE: iwlwifi: Fix FTBS for armhf
  * [Config] CONFIG_PHY_XGENE=m for arm64
  * [Config] CONFIG_AHCI_XGENE=m for arm64
  * [Config] CONFIG_NET_XGENE=m for arm64
  * [Config] CONFIG_RTC_DRV_XGENE=m for arm64
  * SAUCE: (no-up) Add drivers/phy/phy-core.ko to generic inclusion list
  * [Config] Enable PCI for arm64
  * SAUCE: arm64: export __cpu_clear_user_page for modules
  * [Config] CONFIG_PCI_XGENE=y
  * [Config] CONFIG_PHY_XGENE=y for arm64
  * [Config] CONFIG_RTC_DRV_XGENE=y for arm64
  * d-i: Add ahxi_xgene and xgene-enet

  [ Upstream Kernel Changes ]

  * Staging: rtl8821ae: rc.c: fix up function prototypes
  * Staging: rtl8821ae: removed unused functions and variables
  * Staging: rtl8821ae: add TODO file
  * Staging: rtl8812ae: disable due to build errors
  * staging: r8821ae: Fix build problems
  * staging: r8821ae: Enable build by reverting BROKEN marking
  * staging: rtl8821ae: Fixed the size of array to macro as discussed by
  * staging/rtl8821ae: fix build, depends on MAC80211
  * powerpc: Reclaim two unused thread_info flag bits
  * powerpc: Don't corrupt

Source diff to previous version
1295462 linux: 3.13.0-19.39 -proposed tracker
1284433 System can not reboot on APM X-Gene board
1282920 Need driver for APM SATA
1294253 hyper-v: Enabling dynamic memory on Hyper-V may lead to persistent load value of 1
1294558 intel 7260 failing to associate with 802.11ac AP, \

Version: 3.13.0-18.38 2014-03-18 07:06:57 UTC

  linux (3.13.0-18.38) trusty; urgency=low

  [ Tim Gardner ]

  * Release Tracking Bug
    - LP: #1293725
  * [Config] Add hv_balloon to d-i virtio-modules
    - LP: #1292216

  [ Andy Whitcroft ]

  * [Config] d-i -- add virtio_scsi to virtio-modules
    - LP: #1288607

  [ Colin Ian King ]

  * SAUCE: intel_pstate: inform user that thermald is worth considering

  [ dann frazier ]

  * [Config] arm64: KVM=y

  [ Gerd Hoffmann ]

  * SAUCE: vmbus: add missing breaks
    - LP: #1287398
  * SAUCE: vmbus: use resource for hyperv mmio region
    - LP: #1287398
  * SAUCE: hyperv-fb: add support for generation 2 virtual machines.
    - LP: #1287398
  * SAUCE: hyperv-fb: kick off efifb early
    - LP: #1287398

  [ Haiyang Zhang ]

  * SAUCE: hyperv: Change the receive buffer size for legacy hosts
    - LP: #1290151

  [ K. Y. Srinivasan ]

  * SAUCE: Drivers: hv: vmbus: Extract the mmio information from DSDT
    - LP: #1287398

  [ Paolo Pisati ]

  * SAUCE: leds-gpio: of: introduce MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE for module
  * [Config] amhf: LEDS_TRIGGER_HEARTBEAT=y

  [ Upstream Kernel Changes ]

  * Revert "xhci 1.0: Limit arbitrarily-aligned scatter gather."
    - LP: #1293361
  * Revert "USBNET: ax88179_178a: enable tso if usb host supports sg dma"
    - LP: #1293361
  * powerpc/tm: Fix crash when forking inside a transaction
  * AX88179_178A: Add VID:DID for Lenovo OneLinkDock Gigabit LAN
    - LP: #1291890
  * drm/vmwgfx: Fix a surface reference corner-case in legacy emulation
  * Input: wacom - scale up touch width and height values for Intuos Pro
  * Input: wacom - make sure touch_max is set for touch devices
  * Input: wacom - add support for three new Intuos devices
  * Input: wacom - add reporting of SW_MUTE_DEVICE events
  * Input: wacom - fix wacom->shared guards for dual input devices
  * Input: wacom - add support for DTU-1031
  * net: fix for a race condition in the inet frag code
    - CVE-2014-0100
  * net: sctp: fix sctp_sf_do_5_1D_ce to verify if we/peer is AUTH capable
    - CVE-2014-0101
  * KEYS: Make the keyring cycle detector ignore other keyrings of the same
    - CVE-2014-0102
  * ipv6: don't set DST_NOCOUNT for remotely added routes
    - CVE-2014-2309
 -- Andy Whitcroft <email address hidden> Thu, 13 Mar 2014 10:06:05 +0000

Source diff to previous version
1293725 linux: 3.13.0-18.38 -proposed tracker
1292216 hyper-v: Hyper-V drivers missing from UEFI based installer
1287398 hyper-v: frame buffer driver not loading in Generation 2 mode
1290151 hyper-v: Hyper-V network broken for Trusty on Server 2008R2
1293361 xHCI regression(mass storage devices fail) in stable 3.13.5(14.04)
1291890 Add Lenovo ThinkPad OneLink GigaLAN USB ID to ax88179 driver
CVE-2014-0100 Race condition in the inet_frag_intern function in ...
CVE-2014-0101 The sctp_sf_do_5_1D_ce function in net/sctp/sm_statefuns.c in the ...
CVE-2014-0102 The keyring_detect_cycle_iterator function in security/keys/keyring.c ...
CVE-2014-2309 The ip6_route_add function in net/ipv6/route.c in the Linux kernel ...

Version: 3.13.0-17.37 2014-03-11 19:07:16 UTC

  linux (3.13.0-17.37) trusty; urgency=low

  [ Andy Whitcroft ]

  * Release Tracking Bug
    - LP: #1290484
  * Revert "SAUCE: hv: Add vss daemon to Makefile"
  * Revert "SAUCE: (no-up) tools/hv: add basic Makefile"
  * Revert "SAUCE: (no-up) hv -- bodge hv_kvp_daemon so it can use the
    local linux/hyperv.h"
  * Revert "SAUCE: (no-up) hv -- bodge hv_vss_daemon so it can use the
    local linux/hyperv.h"
  * Revert "SAUCE: SELinux: security_load_policy: Silence frame-larger-than
  * Revert "SAUCE: ARM: OMAP4460: cpuidle: Extend
  * ubuntu: overlayfs -- use kernel service credentials for copy up and
    xattr manipulations
  * [Packaging] tools -- hv tools build correctly against the built headers
  * [Packaging] cloud-tools -- add the hv_fcopy_daemon to the package
  * rebase to v3.13.6

  [ Anton Blanchard ]

  * SAUCE: ibmveth: Fix endian issues with MAC addresses

  [ Bjarke Istrup Pedersen ]

  * SAUCE: hv: Add hyperv.h to uapi headers
    - LP: #1282700

  [ Fengguang Wu ]

  * SAUCE: Drivers: hv: fcopy_open() can be static
    - LP: #1282700

  [ K. Y. Srinivasan ]

  * SAUCE: Drivers: hv: Implement the file copy service
    - LP: #1282700

  [ Tim Gardner ]

  * SAUCE: (no-up) mei: Fix stable update misapplication
  * SAUCE: (no-up) mei_me: Add module parameter to disable MSI

  [ Upstream Kernel Changes ]

  * arm64: KVM: Add Kconfig option for max VCPUs per-Guest
  * arm64: KVM: Support X-Gene guest VCPU on APM X-Gene host
  * ACPI / EC: Clear stale EC events on Samsung systems
  * drm/ttm: Fix TTM object open regression
  * SELinux: security_load_policy: Silence frame-larger-than warning
  * ARM: OMAP4460: cpuidle: Extend PM_OMAP4_ROM_SMP_BOOT_ERRATUM_GICD on

  [ Upstream Kernel Changes ]

  * rebase to v3.13.6
    - LP: #1282369
    - LP: #1260303
 -- Tim Gardner <email address hidden> Wed, 05 Mar 2014 06:52:34 -0700

Source diff to previous version
1290484 linux: 3.13.0-17.37 -proposed tracker
1282700 hyper-v: file copy host to guest support
1282369 Front audio jackes do not work on a HP machine
1260303 No external microphone detected on the Dell machines with realtek codec

Version: 3.13.0-16.36 2014-03-06 06:07:17 UTC

  linux (3.13.0-16.36) trusty; urgency=low

  [ Tim Gardner ]

  * Release Tracking Bug
    - LP: #1287903

  [ Andy Whitcroft ]

  * Revert "[Config] lowlatency -- turn CONFIG_IRQ_FORCED_THREADING_DEFAULT
    off temporarily"

  [ Chris Bainbridge ]

  * SAUCE: x86: set Pentium M as PAE capable
    - LP: #930447

  [ Dave Jones ]

    - LP: #930447

  [ Paolo Pisati ]

  * [Config] armhf: DRM_TILCDC=m

  [ Philippe Bergheaud ]

  * SAUCE: powerpc: fix xmon disassembler for little-endian
    - LP: #1286255

  [ Tim Gardner ]

  * [Config] CONFIG_R8821AE=m
  * [Config] Add some virtio drivers to -virtual
    - LP: #1287401
  * [Config] inclusion-list: vesafb and virtio_balloon are built-in
  * SAUCE: vmwgfx: Expose U32_MAX

  [ Upstream Kernel Changes ]

  * Revert "drm/vmwgfx: Fix regression caused by "drm/ttm: make ttm
    reservation calls behave like reservation calls""
  * Revert "drm/vmwgfx: Fix the driver for large dma addresses"
  * usb: ehci: fix deadlock when threadirqs option is used
    - LP: #1274987, #1279081
  * Staging: rtl8812ae: Add Realtek 8821 PCI WIFI driver
    - LP: #1287298
  * intel_pstate: Remove periodic P state boost
  * intel_pstate: Add trace point to report internal state.
  * intel_pstate: Take core C0 time into account for core busy calculation
  * intel_pstate: Use LFM bus ratio as min ratio/P state
  * intel_pstate: Add support for Baytrail turbo P states
  * intel_pstate: Change busy calculation to use fixed point math.
  * PM / hibernate: Fix restore hang in freeze_processes()
  * ipmi: remove deprecated IRQF_DISABLED
  * ipmi: use USEC_PER_SEC instead of 1000000 for more meaningful
  * ipmi: fix timeout calculation when bmc is disconnected
  * ipmi: Cleanup error return
  * ipmi: Add missing rv in ipmi_parisc_probe()
  * drm/ttm: ttm object security fixes for render nodes
  * drivers: gpu: Mark functions as static in vmwgfx_kms.c
  * drivers: gpu: Mark functions as static in vmwgfx_buffer.c
  * drivers: gpu: Mark functions as static in vmwgfx_fence.c
  * drm/vmwgfx: Fix the driver for large dma addresses
  * drm/vmwgfx: Update the svga3d register header file for new device
  * drm/vmwgfx: Update the driver user-space interface for guest-backed
  * drm/vmwgfx: Replace vram_size with prim_bb_mem for calculation of max
  * drm/vmwgfx: Update the svga register definition
  * drm/vmwgfx: Adapt capability reporting to new hardware version
  * drm/vmwgfx: Add MOB management
  * drm/vmwgfx: Hook up MOBs to TTM as a separate memory type
  * drm/vmwgfx: Read bounding box memory from the appropriate register
  * drm/vmwgfx: Add the possibility to validate a buffer as a MOB
  * drm/vmwgfx: Hook up guest-backed queries
  * drm/vmwgfx: Detach backing store from its resources when it is evicted
  * drm/vmwgfx: Hook up guest-backed contexts
  * drm/vmwgfx: Hook up guest-backed surfaces
  * drm/vmwgfx: Add guest-backed shaders
  * drm/vmwgfx: Validate guest-backed shader const commands
  * drm/vmwgfx: Add new unused (by user-space) commands to the verifier
  * drm/vmwgfx: Enable 3D for new hardware version
  * drm/vmwgfx: Fix up the vmwgfx_drv.h header for new files
  * drm/vmwgfx: Extend the command verifier to handle guest-backed on / off
  * drm/vmwgfx: Make sure that the multisampling is off
  * drm/vmwgfx: Implement a buffer object synccpu ioctl.
  * drm/vmwgfx: Add a parameter to get max MOB memory size
  * drm/vmwgfx: Block the BIND_SHADERCONSTS command
  * drm/vmwgfx: Track context bindings and scrub them upon exiting execbuf
  * drm/vmwgfx: Persistent tracking of context bindings
  * drm/vmwgfx: Ditch the vmw_dummy_query_bo_prepare function
  * drm/vmwgfx: Use the linux DMA api also for MOBs
  * drm/vmwgfx: Update otable definitions
  * drm/vmwgfx: Fix surface framebuffer check for guest-backed surfaces
  * drm/vmwgfx: Implement 64-bit Otable- and MOB binding v2
  * drm/vmwgfx: Silence the device command verifier
  * drm/vmwgfx: Invalidate surface on non-readback unbind
  * drm/vmwgfx: Fix recently introduced sparse / smatch warnings and errors
  * drm/vmwgfx: Don't commit staged bindings if execbuf fails
  * drm/vmwgfx: Fix regression caused by "drm/ttm: make ttm reservation
    calls behave like reservation calls"
  * drm/vmwgfx: Fix SET_SHADER_CONST emulation on guest-backed devices
  * drm/vmwgfx: Fix legacy surface reference size copyback
  * drm/vmwgfx: Emulate legacy shaders on guest-backed devices v2
  * drm/vmwgfx: Detect old user-space drivers and set up legacy emulation
  * drm/vmwgfx: Reemit context bindings when necessary v2
  * vmwgfx: Fix unitialized stack read in vmw_setup_otable_base
  * drm/vmwgfx: Fix a couple of sparse warnings and errors
  * drm/vmwgfx: Get maximum mob size from register SVGA_REG_MOB_MAX_SIZE
  * drm/vmwgfx: unlock on error path in vmw_execbuf_process()
  * drm/vmwgfx: Remove stray const
  * drm/vmwgfx: Fix possible integer overflow
  * drm/vmwgfx: Fix command defines and checks
  * drm/vmwgfx: Remove some unused surface formats
  * drm/vmwgfx: Make sure backing mobs are cleared when allocated. Update
    driver date.
  * drm/vmwgfx: avoid null pointer dereference at failure paths
 -- Tim Gardner <email address hidden> Mon, 03 Mar 2014 13:04:10 -0700

1287903 linux: 3.13.0-16.36 -proposed tracker
930447 Unable to start Ubuntu 12.04 live CD with syslinux loader on Pentium M x86 Laptop due to bug in PAE kernel, initramfs or syslinux
1287401 please include virtio-scsi in linux-virtual
1274987 can't boot with new lowlatency kernel
1287298 missing support for rtl8821ae

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