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Name: mythtv-doc


A personal video recorder application (documentation)

Latest version: 2:0.25.0+fixes.20120410.1f5962a-0ubuntu1
Release: precise (12.04)
Level: base
Repository: multiverse
Head package: mythtv
Homepage: http://www.mythtv.org


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Repository Area Version
updates multiverse 2:0.25.2+fixes.20120802.46cab93-0ubuntu1
PPA: MythTV 0.25 2:0.25.3+fixes.20130813.b5adf03-0ubuntu0mythbuntu2
PPA: MythTV 0.26 2:0.26.2+fixes.20141024.7e9a205-0ubuntu0mythbuntu1
PPA: MythTV 0.27 2:0.27.6+fixes.20160417.aba4858-0ubuntu0mythbuntu4


Version: 2:0.25.0~master.20120223.532cee8-0ubuntu1 2012-02-24 00:05:35 UTC

mythtv (2:0.25.0~master.20120223.532cee8-0ubuntu1) precise; urgency=low

  * Reset permissions on all logs in /var/log/mythtv to ensure
    rsyslog is able to append to them.
  * Fix mythtv-setup logging to be local7 not local 7.
  * debian/control.in:
    - B-d on libio-socket-inet6-perl, libdbd-mysql-perl to fix libmyth
      perl missing files.
    - B-d on libxml2-dev to fix libxml2 support.
    - B-d on libass-dev to fix libass subtitle support.
    - B-d on libxvidcore-dev to fix external xvid codec support.
  * New upstream checkout (532cee8)
  * >>Upstream changes since last upload (769dfae):
  * [532cee8] Fix mouse support with groups. The code made bad
    assumptions but just happened to work in the past because focusable
    widgets were always no more than one level down.
  * [8cbd24a] Silence gcc warning about an unused variable in
  * [5f5e015] Fix bug caught by Daniel, variable 'selected' was set but
    never used.
  * [25fe663] Subtitles: Remove the OSDSubFont setting.
  * [1f464e9] Ensure we use the right OpenGL libs.
  * [e2f74e9] Refs #9277. Adds some closed caption and subtitle caption
    track debugging.
  * [194ad69] Refs #6948. Refs #8211. Fixes channel list bug introduced
    in d14b660c.
  * [003f2a5] Updated British English MythArchive, MythGallery,,
    MythGame, MythMusic, MythNetvision, MythWeather and MythZoneMinder
    translation from Nick Morrott.
  * [ea22304] Allow relative path when using dvd: or bd: URIs
  * [93d3631] Fix bluray playback if mounting path is a symbolic link
  * [2fa00e7] Fix bluray playback when path to bluray mountpoint
    contains a trailing /
  * [765b8e4] Bump the binary verison for SHA1:e860c3f7
  * [e860c3f] Fix a couple of virtual tuner card creation issues.
  * [b304daf] Add some locking around cache access in
    MythDownloadManager. Refs #10337
  * [f6ca545] Guard against null/invalid pointers to the network cache
    in getHeader(). Refs #10337
  * [3e7f41e] GuideGrid was missing statetype corresponding to existing
    text state. Fixes #4504
  * [c5b6e92] Do not attempt to play audio with more than 8 channels if
    not supported natively.
  * [efcfee3] Subtitles: Fix layout to stay within the safe area.
  * [f8cb0f7] Another attempt at regression fix in metadata lookup.
  * [fc9f1cc] Revert "Fix recent regression with metadata lookup."
  * [ebebfd2] Fix recent regression with metadata lookup.
  * [4cdbbc8] Updated German MythFrontend, MythArchive, MythBrowser,
    MythGallery, MythGame, MythMusic, MythNetvision, MythNews,
    MythWeather, MythZoneminder translation.
  * [860b32b] Complete DB fix from 4f549f7b7d.
  * [feb3a94] Fix typo in 3d01ccf3cf936ed1228725a2fa92c11bf5f6191b
  * [00f9a5f] Fix the MythDownloadManager User-Agent
  * [3d01ccf] Fix iterator for bindvalue of cardinput update.
  * [c3b546e] Fix some uint vs int issues in MHEG handling
  * [6f07d1f] HTML Setup: Actually install the 3rdParty dir.
  * [4f549f7] Slightly tweak the videocollection DB schema.
  * [2175b3a] Use GetVideoDispDim rather than GetVideoDim in OSX
  * [0e98fa2] Make the MythDownloadManager use the defined http proxy
  * [ef62f60] Fix minor typo
  * [1ed8ec2] MythUI: Fix scrolling with the mouse in MythUIWebBrowser
  * [d07bf50] Fix the AVC HD icon in PBB. I think this was disabled at
    the beginning because some themers wanted to prefer the states
    showing HD resolution 1080/720 over the state which just indicates
    codec and definition. However the code is written such that leaving
    the state out of the theme means that we fall back to the next
    matching state, so themers shouldn't see any difference if they
    don't define the avchd state.
  * [2c712c8] Updated Greek MythFrontend, MythArchive, MythBrowser,
    MythGallery, MythMusic, MythNetvision, MythNews and MythWeather
    translation from Yianni Vidalis
  * [cd681be] mythccextractor: Recalculate each frame's duration.
  * [d95479d] MythUI: Fix itemVisible issue introduced in 9b7eae2f
  * [a072643] Merge branch 'master' of github.com:MythTV/mythtv
  * [28fda64] Fix PPC build
  * [37076dc] Remove include which was randomly added by Kdevelop
  * [61fe17c] Merge branch 'master' of github.com:MythTV/mythtv
  * [4d3accc] Always display StereoPCM option when digital audio is
  * [4d7c6d9] Fix visibility of digital options in the audio setup
  * [30c0773] Add hdmi audio device type detection
  * [d4dbd11] Fix prefix ++ for non-primitives (cppcheck)
  * [8b509a0] Correct handling of IP addresses in Python bindings.
  * [6045fa4] Fix copying of recording rule inetref to recordings.
  * [7ad49a2] Better handling of exiting playback of a program in use
  * [0cd4ef2] Metadata Classes: Support lookup of series level artwork.
  * [34e75b7] Add Collection support to developmental tmdb3 grabber.
  * [459adc2] Add build dependency to audio headers
  * [0c57031] Fix depends behaviour with button list. Also restrict
    depends scope to siblings and exclude standalone widgets in base
    files from the depends map.
  * [9551bce] Fix recording deletion to always stop recording too.
  * [ca69104] Merge branch 'master' of github.com:/MythTV/mythtv
  * [4dcf12d] Added a -C (collection) option
  * [c5a8933] MythMusic string consistency fixes.
  * [4107b3f] Minor strings consistency fixes in MythWeather.
  * [08cdb3a] MythGame strings consistency fixes.
  * [a186aa0] Fix a small typo in MythGallery.
  * [8db7c05] Leave the start/endyear strings empty if the year matches
    the current. A temporary workaround which provides the behaviour
    people want without risking breakage of existing themes, of course
    it won't fix existing themes either. It only works for ProgramInfo
    templated dates so won't be consistent across the UI. It also
    doesn't work for users with years in the long-date formats, since
    the year will be shown twice.
  * [148314b] Subtitles: Try to ensure CEA-708 subtitles stay within the
    safe ar

Source diff to previous version

Version: 2:0.25.0~master.20120216.769dfae-0ubuntu1 2012-02-16 09:03:24 UTC

mythtv (2:0.25.0~master.20120216.769dfae-0ubuntu1) precise; urgency=low

  * mythtv-common breaks/replaces on mythvideo.
  * Fix rsyslog logging permissions.
  * Fix log rotation to reload rsyslog for all new logs when necessary.
  * Create rsyslog directory only in mythtv-common package.
  * Install rsyslog conf from mythtv-common package not backend package.
  * Drop special mythtv-frontend and mythwelcome logging functionality
    in favor of local7 rsyslog support.
  * Log mythtv-setup using local7 too.
  * Don't include cache and tv_icons directories for mythweb. They'll be
    symlinked to /var/cache for postinst.
  * debian/rules:
    - Remove references to themes that are no longer shipped.
  * New upstream checkout (769dfae)
  * >>Upstream changes since last upload (f853a5b):
  * [769dfae] Close unused stdout/stderr on child processes
  * [774ceca] Fix looking metadata lookup with bad guide data.
  * [2a74313] Add a long-form description string for recording status to
    the ProgramInfo map. This meant a minor modification to
    toDescription() so that we returned something sensible for
    programmes which weren't scheduled to record.
  * [0ac5565] Expose recording rule last/next recorded and deleted dates
    in the UI.
  * [75b8683] Expose category type as a statetype in PBB. Valid states
    are movie, series, tvshow and sports (not especially useful in it's
    current form)
  * [2cb7fc6] Expose the media type as a statetype to the OSD, states
    are recording, video, dvd, bluraydisc, httpstream and rtspstream
  * [c60f331] Do not copy inetrefs from rule -> recording when the rule
    is a search.
  * [ef3fc49] Comply with coding conventions by using NULL instead of 0.
  * [f471817] Fix metadata lookups for generic episodes, with thanks to
    dekarl on IRC for reporting and testing the fix
  * [e354a6d] Silence cppcheck warnings in subtitlescreen.h.
  * [94d27c6] Fix the DeleteMap tracker for in-progress recordings.
  * [c5c73bf] Fix perl bindings to accomodate IPv6
  * [97a9a17] Remove debugging abort. Sorry
  * [7c1b737] Fix GetBackendServerIP
  * [567278c] Correct automatic selection of address in

 -- Mario Limonciello Thu, 16 Feb 2012 00:18:28 -0600

Source diff to previous version

Version: 2:0.25.0~master.20120214.f853a5b-0ubuntu1 2012-02-16 05:03:12 UTC

mythtv (2:0.25.0~master.20120214.f853a5b-0ubuntu1) precise; urgency=low

  [ Mario Limonciello ]
  * Fix armhf FTBFS.
  * Conflicts/Replaces on libmyth-0.24-0 for now until a better place for
    some of the common libraries is found.
  * New upstream checkout (f853a5b)
  * >>Upstream changes since last upload (ab4a02f):
  * [f853a5b] Fix mingw build.
  * [494bc90] Merge branch 'master' of github.com:MythTV/mythtv
  * [bcc9e8c] Minor compatibility changes for VS2010.
  * [b758ea8] Alter the watched flag fix slightly to take into account
    the need to ignore post-roll for recordings, something I forgot
  * [1f6d42e] Convert some case insensitive QString checks to use
  * [f53a00f] Fix videos not being marked as watched. We had some code
    to handle in-progress recordings where we didn't have the total
    number of frames, this used the start/end time of the recording
    which can't be trusted for video because they are based on the
    length from downloaded metadata e.g. An episode of Frasier might
    only be 22 minutes long without adverts but according to the
    metadata it's 30 minutes. We now trust the totalFrames to be
    accurate for anything which isn't an in-progress recording.
  * [ac9ddbe] Revise database schema 1296
  * [584647e] Fix ToggleUpmix return value.
  * [c85b33c] Fix CanUpmix()
  * [0ef4b58] Size in resampling output buffer is in frames, not samples
  * [fe27dfe] Fix another case sensitive title check.
  * [dcfe7b0] Make more title and callsign comparisons case insensitive.

  [ Karl Dietz ]
  * Let the configuration refer to the correct location for mythweb.

 -- Mario Limonciello Tue, 14 Feb 2012 15:23:31 -0600

Source diff to previous version

Version: 2:0.25.0~master.20120214.ab4a02f-0ubuntu1 2012-02-15 08:03:33 UTC

mythtv (2:0.25.0~master.20120214.ab4a02f-0ubuntu1) precise; urgency=low

  * debian/control.in:
    - BD on libcdio-paranoia-dev
    - Drop mythnetvision libmyth-python dependency. It's already a dependency
      in mythtv-frontend (which is a dependency of mythnetvision)
  * Drop 0.25_abi patch, upstream now.
  * New upstream checkout (ab4a02f)
  * >>Upstream changes since last upload (b4c909a):
  * [ab4a02f] Bump core libraries version to 0.25
  * [975a9f9] Bump plugin lib version to 0.25
  * [9cdbaeb] Ensure searchtype and searchfor strings are set properly
    no matter how the RecordingRule was loaded.
  * [2611243] Fix 'searchtype' string being set incorrectly by
    eliminating duplicate code. This string is set in
    RecordingRule::ToMap() which is called two lines earlier but there
    it's more intelligent and won't set the string to 'Unknown Search'
    when the rule isn't a search.
  * [c1aadbb] Changed Licensing to GPL v2 or later.
  * [36f1f1d] Added copyright/license info for gCompress

 -- Mario Limonciello Mon, 13 Feb 2012 15:38:52 -0600

Source diff to previous version

Version: 2:0.24.0+fixes.20111207.40f3bae-0ubuntu2 2012-01-19 08:02:36 UTC

mythtv (2:0.24.0+fixes.20111207.40f3bae-0ubuntu2) precise; urgency=low

  * Make libcrystalhd-dev build-dep only for i386 and amd64 since the
    package is only available there. Test built on powerpc.

 -- Ben Collins Thu, 19 Jan 2012 04:25:57 +0000

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