Package "libsystemd-dev"

Name: libsystemd-dev


systemd utility library - development files

Latest version: 248.3-1ubuntu8
Release: impish (21.10)
Level: base
Repository: main
Head package: systemd
Homepage: https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/systemd


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Version: 248.3-1ubuntu8 2021-10-10 23:06:43 UTC

  systemd (248.3-1ubuntu8) impish; urgency=medium

  [ Dan Streetman ]
  * d/p/dell-clamshell-accel-location-base-with-sku.patch:
    Revert incorrect patch (LP: #1942899)

  [ Lukas Märdian ]
  * Add d/p/Merge-pull-request-20705-from-yuwata-test-oomd-util.patch
    Replace lp1942113.patch with upstream commit 54966b7 (LP: #1942113)
    - debian/patches/lp1942113.patch
    - debian/patches/Merge-pull-request-20705-from-yuwata-test-oomd-util.patch
  * Drop snapd cgroupv2 workaround, not needed anymore as of snapd 2.53~pre1
    File: debian/tests/tests-in-lxd

 -- Lukas Märdian <email address hidden> Mon, 04 Oct 2021 11:23:28 +0200

1942899 Revert Add ACCEL_LOCATION=base property for Dell clamshell models
1942113 systemd unit test regression in autopkgtest (oomd-utils)

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