Package "python3-distupgrade"

Name: python3-distupgrade


manage release upgrades

Latest version: 1:20.10.14
Release: groovy (20.10)
Level: updates
Repository: main
Head package: ubuntu-release-upgrader


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Repository Area Version
base main 1:20.10.12


Version: 1:20.10.14 2020-11-26 12:06:21 UTC

  ubuntu-release-upgrader (1:20.10.14) groovy; urgency=medium

  * DistUpgrade/dist-upgrade.py: When running the release upgrade do not add
    user site directory to sys.path thereby preventing user python packages
    from interfering with the upgrade process. (LP: #1848829)

 -- Brian Murray <email address hidden> Tue, 17 Nov 2020 14:47:37 -0800

Source diff to previous version
1848829 distribution upgrade failed due pip install of distro-info

Version: 1:20.10.13 2020-11-09 11:06:59 UTC

  ubuntu-release-upgrader (1:20.10.13) groovy; urgency=medium

  * DistUpgrade/DistUpgradeQuirks.py: Replace python-dev with
    python-dev-is-python2 rather than with nothing as that is a better upgrade
    path. (LP: #1887544)
  * DistUpgrade/DistUpgradeViewGtk3.py, DistUpgrade/DistUpgradeViewKDE.py:
    Change the window label from 20.04 to 20.10. (LP: #1901377)
  * Update mirrors and demotions.

 -- Brian Murray <email address hidden> Mon, 26 Oct 2020 10:41:49 -0700

1887544 upgrade from 18.04 to 20.04 fails to calculate if python-dbg is installed
1901377 Incorrect label in Software Updater

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