Package "pulseaudio"

Name: pulseaudio


PulseAudio sound server

Latest version: 1:13.99.2-1ubuntu2.1
Release: groovy (20.10)
Level: updates
Repository: main
Homepage: http://www.pulseaudio.org


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Repository Area Version
base universe 1:13.99.2-1ubuntu1
base main 1:13.99.2-1ubuntu1
security main 1:13.99.2-1ubuntu2.1
security universe 1:13.99.2-1ubuntu2.1
updates universe 1:13.99.2-1ubuntu2.1
proposed main 1:13.99.2-1ubuntu2.3
proposed universe 1:13.99.2-1ubuntu2.3
PPA: Ubuntu-desktop ppa 1:13.99.3-1ubuntu1~20.10

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Version: 1:13.99.2-1ubuntu2.1 2020-11-23 17:08:13 UTC

  pulseaudio (1:13.99.2-1ubuntu2.1) groovy-security; urgency=medium

  * SECURITY UPDATE: don't rely on SCM_CREDENTIALS to detect snap confined
    clients (LP: #1895928)
    - d/p/0409-pa-client-peer-credentials.patch: drop patch
    - d/p/0409-fix-arg-parsing-after-async-hook.patch: remains of old 0409
      patch not related to pa_creds.
    - d/p/0410-pa-client-peer-apparmor-label.patch: new patch, records
      AppArmor label in pa_client struct for native connections using
    - d/p/0702-add-snappy-policy-module.patch: use the AppArmor
      label in the pa_client rather than looking it up via the process ID
    - CVE-2020-16123
   * Don't block classic snaps from module loading/unloading (LP: #1886854)
    - d/p/0702-add-snappy-policy-module.patch: replace
      deny_to_snaps_hook with a version that allows classic snaps.

 -- James Henstridge <email address hidden> Thu, 05 Nov 2020 16:46:59 -0500

Source diff to previous version
1886854 Race in load-module snap policy check in classic confinement
CVE-2020-16123 RESERVED

Version: 1:13.99.2-1ubuntu2 2020-11-02 16:06:42 UTC

  pulseaudio (1:13.99.2-1ubuntu2) groovy; urgency=medium

  * debian/patches/git_segfault_fix.patch:
    - backport a fix for a segfault regression for the recent update
      (lp: #1900812)

 -- Sebastien Bacher <email address hidden> Wed, 21 Oct 2020 10:46:23 +0200

1900812 pulseaudio crashed with SIGSEGV in pa_sink_move_streams_to_default_sink() from report_jack_state() from mixer_class_event() from hctl_elem_event_hand

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