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Name: ubuntu-release-upgrader


This package is just an umbrella for a group of other packages, it has no description.
Description samples from packages in group:

  • manage release upgrades
  • manage release upgrades
  • manage release upgrades

Latest version: 1:
Release: eoan (19.10)
Level: updates
Repository: main


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Repository Area Version
base universe 1:19.10.15
base main 1:19.10.15
updates universe 1:

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Version: 1: 2019-12-17 17:06:26 UTC

  ubuntu-release-upgrader (1: eoan; urgency=medium

  * debian/control: Update Vcs-*: URLs
  * Rename .bzrignore to .gitignore
  * debian/gbp.conf: Add default configuration
  * debian/gbp.conf: Move prebuild command here from .bzr-builddeb/default.conf
  * debian/release-upgrade-motd: Don't try to update cached info
    as a regular user. That would fail. (LP: #1855271)

 -- Balint Reczey <email address hidden> Fri, 06 Dec 2019 22:52:48 +0100

Source diff to previous version
1855271 Please make /etc/update-motd.d snippets runnable by regular users

Version: 1: 2019-11-20 21:07:12 UTC

  ubuntu-release-upgrader (1: eoan; urgency=medium

  * do-release-upgrade: add linux-base to the check for required reboot after
    a kernel upgrade (LP: #1844805).

 -- Łukasz 'sil2100' Zemczak <email address hidden> Thu, 07 Nov 2019 11:56:11 +0100

Source diff to previous version
1844805 virtualbox, virtualbox-dkms, virtualbox-qt fail during upgrade from 19.04 to 19.10

Version: 1: 2019-11-05 22:06:29 UTC

  ubuntu-release-upgrader (1: eoan; urgency=medium

  * Fix binary and binary-indep targets to work as intended (LP: #1850851)

1850851 [SRU] ubuntu-release-upgrader no longer produces tarballs

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