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Name: snapd


Daemon and tooling that enable snap packages

Latest version: *DELETED*
Release: disco (19.04)
Level: proposed
Repository: main
Homepage: https://github.com/snapcore/snapd


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base universe 2.38+19.04
base main 2.38+19.04
updates universe 2.42.1+19.04
updates main 2.42.1+19.04

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Version: *DELETED* 2019-12-05 01:07:30 UTC
No changelog for deleted or moved packages.

Version: 2.42.1+19.04 2019-11-15 05:07:03 UTC

  snapd (2.42.1+19.04) disco; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release, LP: #1846181
    - interfaces: de-duplicate emitted update-ns profiles
    - packaging: tweak handling of usr.lib.snapd.snap-confine
    - interfaces: allow introspecting network-manager on core
    - tests/main/interfaces-contacts-service: disable on openSUSE
    - tests/lib/lxd-snapfuse: restore mount changes introduced by LXD
    - snap: fix default-provider in seed validation
    - tests: update system-usernames test now that opensuse-15.1 works
    - overlord: set fake sertial in TestRemodelSwitchToDifferentKernel
    - gadget: rename "boot{select,img}" -> system-boot-{select,image}
    - tests: listing test, make accepted snapd/core versions consistent

 -- Michael Vogt <email address hidden> Wed, 30 Oct 2019 13:17:43 +0100

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1846181 [SRU] 2.42.1

Version: 2.41+19.04 2019-09-28 00:06:59 UTC

  snapd (2.41+19.04) disco; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release, LP: #1840740
    - overlord/snapstate: revert track-risk behavior
    - tests: fix snap info test
    - httputil: rework protocol error detection
    - gadget: do not error on gadget refreshes with multiple volumes
    - i18n, vendor, packaging: drop github.com/ojii/gettext.go, use
    - snapstate: validate all system-usernames before creating them
    - mkversion.sh: fix version from git checkouts
    - interfaces/network-{control,manager}: allow 'k' on
    - interfaces/wayland,x11: allow reading an Xwayland Xauth file
    - interfaces: k8s worker node updates
    - debian: re-enable systemd environment generator
    - many: create system-usernames user/group if both don't exist
    - packaging: fix symlink for snapd.session-agent.socket
    - tests: change cgroups so that LXD doesn't have to
    - interfaces/network-setup-control: allow dbus netplan apply
    - tests: add /var/cache/snapd to the snapd state to prevent error on
      the store
    - tests: add test for services disabled during refresh hook
    - many: simpler access to snap-seccomp version-info
    - snap: cleanup some tests, clarify some errorsThis is a follow up
      from work on system usernames:
    - osutil: add osutil.Find{Uid,Gid}
    - tests: use a different archive based on the spread backend on go-
      build test
    - cmd/snap-update-ns: fix pair of bugs affecting refresh of snap
      with layouts
    - overlord/devicestate: detect clashing concurrent (ongoing, just
      finished) remodels or changes
    - interfaces/docker-support: declare controls-device-cgroup
    - packaging: fix removal of old apparmor profile
    - store: use track/risk for "channel" name when parsing store
    - many: allow 'system-usernames' with libseccomp > 2.4 and golang-
      seccomp > 0.9.0
    - overlord/devicestate, tests: use gadget.Update() proper, spread
    - overlord/configstate/configcore: allow setting start_x=1 to enable
      CSI camera on RPi
    - interfaces: remove BeforePrepareSlot from commonInterface
    - many: support system-usernames for 'snap_daemon' user
    - overlord/devicestate,o/snapstate: queue service commands before
      mark-seeded and other final tasks
    - interfaces/mount: discard mount ns on backend Remove
    - packaging/fedora: build on RHEL8
    - overlord/devicestate: support seeding a classic system with the
      snapd snap and no core
    - interfaces: fix test failure in gpio_control_test
    - interfaces, policy: remove sanitize helpers and use minimal policy
    - packaging: use %systemd_user_* macros to enable session agent
      socket according to presets
    - snapstate, store: handle 429s on catalog refresh a little bit
    - tests: part4 making tests work on ubuntu-core-18
    - many: drop snap.ReadGadgetInfo wrapper
    - xdgopenproxy: update test API to match upstream
    - tests: show why sbuild failed
    - data/selinux: allow mandb_t to search /var/lib/snapd
    - tests: be less verbose when checking service status
    - tests: set sbuild test as manual
    - overlord: DeviceCtx must find the remodel context for a remodel
    - tests: use snap info --verbose to check for base
    - sanity: unmount squashfs with --lazy
    - overlord/snapstate: keep current track if only risk is specified
    - interfaces/firewall-control: support nft routing expressions and
      device groups
    - gadget: support for writing symlinks
    - tests: mountinfo-tool fail if there are no matches
    - tests: sync journal log before start the test
    - cmd/snap, data/completion: improve completion for 'snap debug'
    - httputil: retry for http2 PROTOCOL_ERROR
    - Errata commit: pulseaudio still auto-connects on classic
    - interfaces/misc: updates for k8s 1.15 (and greengrass test)
    - tests: set GOTRACEBACK=1 when running tests
    - cmd/libsnap: don't leak memory in sc_die_on_error
    - tests: improve how the system is restored when the upgrade-
      from-2.15 test fails
    - interfaces/bluetooth-control: add udev rules for BT_chrdev devices
    - interfaces: add audio-playback/audio-record and make pulseaudio
      manually connect
    - tests: split the sbuild test in 2 depending on the type of build
    - interfaces: add an interface granting access to AppStream metadata
    - gadget: ensure filesystem labels are unique
    - usersession/agent: use background context when stopping the agent
    - HACKING.md: update spread section, other updates
    - data/selinux: allow snap-confine to read entries on nsfs
    - tests: respect SPREAD_DEBUG_EACH on the main suite
    - packaging/debian-sid: set GOCACHE to a known writable location
    - interfaces: add gpio-control interface
    - cmd/snap: use showDone helper with 'snap switch'
    - gadget: effective structure role fallback, extra tests
    - many: fix unit tests getting stuck
    - tests: remove installed snap on restore
    - daemon: do not modify test data in user suite
    - data/selinux: allow read on sysfs
    - packaging/debian: don't md5sum absent files
    - tests: remove test-snapd-curl
    - tests: remove test-snapd-snapctl-core18 in restore
    - tests: remove installed snap in the restore section
    - tests: remove installed test snap
    - tests: correctly escape mount unit path
    - cmd/Makefile.am: support building with the go snap
    - tests: work around classic snap affecting the host
    - tests: fix typo "current"
    - overlord/assertstate: add Batch.Precheck to check for the full
      validity of the batch before Commit
    - tests: restore cpuset clone_children clobbered by lxd
    - usersession: move userd package to usersession/userd
    - tests: reformat and fix markdown in snapd-state.md
    - gadget: select the right updater for given structure
    - tests: show stderr only if it

1840740 [SRU] 2.41

Version: *DELETED* 2019-09-05 11:07:33 UTC
No changelog for deleted or moved packages.

Version: 2.40+19.04 2019-08-20 10:06:31 UTC

  snapd (2.40+19.04) disco; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release, LP: #1836327
    - overlord/patch: simplify conditions for re-applying sublevel
      patches for level 6
    - cmd,tests: forcibly discard mount namespace when bases change
    - cmd/snap-confine: handle device cgroup before pivot
    - cmd/snap-apparmor-service: quit if there are no profiles
    - cmd/snap, image: add --target-directory and --basename to 'snap
    - interfaces: add jack1 implicit classic interface
    - interfaces: miscellaneous policy updates
    - daemon: classic confinement is not supported on core
    - interfaces: bluetooth-control: add mtk BT device node
    - cmd/snap-seccomp: initial support for negative arguments with
      uid/gid caching
    - snap-confine: move seccomp load after permanent privilege drop
    - tests: new profiler snap used to track cpu and memory for snapd
      and snap commands
    - debian: make maintainer scripts do nothing on powerpc
    - gadget: mounted filesystem writer
    - cmd/snap: use padded checkers for snapshot output
    - bootloader: switch to bootloader_test style testing
    - gadget: add a wrapper for generating partitioned images with
    - tests/main/snap-seccomp-syscalls: add description
    - tests: continue executing on errors either updating the repo db or
      installing dependencies
    - cmd/snap-seccomp/syscalls: add io_uring syscalls
    - systemd: add InstanceMode enumeration to control which systemd
      instance to control
    - netutil: extract socket activation helpers from daemon package.
    - interfaces: spi: update regex rules to accept spi nodes like
    - gadget: fallback device lookup
    - many: add strutil.ElliptLeft, use it for shortening cohorts
    - wrappers: allow sockets under $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR
    - gadget: add wrapper for creating and populating filesystems
    - gadget: add writer for offset-write
    - gadget: support relative symlinks in device lookup
    - snap, snapstate: additional validation of base field
    - many: fix some races and missing locking, make sure UDevMonitor is
    - boot: move ExtractKernelAssets
    - daemon, snap: screenshots _only_ shows the deprecation notice,
      from 2.39
    - osutil: add a workaround for overlayfs apparmor as it is used on
    - snap: introduce GetType() function for snap.Info
    - tests: update systems to be used for during sru validation
    - daemon: increase `shutdownTimeout` to 25s to deal with slow
    - interfaces/network-manager: move deny ptrace to the connected slot
    - interfaces: allow locking of pppd files
    - cmd/snap-exec: fix snap completion for classic snaps with non
      /usr/lib/snapd libexecdir
    - daemon: expose pprof endpoints
    - travis: disable snap pack on OSX
    - client, cmd/snap: expose the new cohort options for snap ops
    - overlord/snapstate: tweak switch summaries
    - tests: reuse the image created initially for nested tests
    - tests/lib/nested: tweak assert disk prepare step
    - daemon, overlord/snapstate: support leave-cohort
    - tests/main/appstream-id: collect debug info
    - store,daemon: add client-user-agent support to store.SnapInfo
    - tests: add check for invalid PR titles in the static checks
    - tests: add snap-tool for easier access to internal tools
    - daemon: unexport file{Response,Stream}
    - devicestate: make TestUpdateGadgetOnClassicErrorsOut less racy
    - tests: fix test desktop-portal-filechooser
    - tests: sort commands from DumpCommands in the dumpDbHook
    - cmd/snap: add unit test for "advise-snap --dump-db".
    - bootloader: remove extra mock bootloader implementation
    - daemon: tweak for "add api endpoint for download" PR
    - packaging: fix reproducible build error
    - tests: synchronize journal logs before check logs
    - tests: fix snap service watchdog test
    - tests: use more readable test directory names
    - tests/regression/lp-1805485: update test description
    - overlord: make changes conflict with remodel
    - tests: make sure the snapshot unit test uses a snapshot time
      relative to Now()
    - tests: revert "tests: stop catalog-update/apt-hooks test for now"
    - tests: mountinfo-tool --one prints matches on failure
    - data/selinux: fix policy for snaps with bases and classic snaps
    - debian: fix building on eoan by tweaking golang build-deps
    - packaging/debian-sid: update required golang version to 1.10
    - httputil: handle "no such host" error explicitly and do not retry
    - overlord/snapstate, & fallout: give Install a *RevisionOptions
    - cmd/snap: don't run install on 'snap --help install'
    - gadget: raw/bare structure writer and updater
    - daemon, client, cmd/snap: show cohort key in snap info --verbose
    - overlord/snapstate: add update-gadget task when needed, block
      other changes
    - image: turn a missing default content provider into an error
    - overlord/devicestate: update-gadget-assets task handler with
      stubbed gadget callbacks
    - interface: builtin: avahi-observe/control: update label for
      implicit slot
    - tests/lib/nested: fix multi argument copy_remote
    - tests/lib/nested: have mkfs.ext4 use a rootdir instead of mounting
      an image
    - packaging: fix permissons powerpc docs dir
    - overlord: mock store to avoid net requests
    - debian: rework how we run autopkgtests
    - interface: builtin: avahi-observe/control: allow slots
      implementation also by app snap on classic system
    - interfaces: builtin: utils: add helper function to identify system
    - interfaces: add missing adjtimex to time-control
    - overlord/snapstate, snap: support base = "none"
    - daemon, overlord/snapstate: give RevisionOptions a CohortKey
    - data/selinux: permit init_t to remount snappy_snap_t
    - cmd/snap: test for a friendly error on 'okay' without '

1836327 [SRU] 2.40

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