Package "ubuntu-release-upgrader"

Name: ubuntu-release-upgrader


This package is just an umbrella for a group of other packages, it has no description.
Description samples from packages in group:

  • manage release upgrades

Latest version: *DELETED*
Release: cosmic (18.10)
Level: proposed
Repository: universe


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Other versions of "ubuntu-release-upgrader" in Cosmic

Repository Area Version
base main 1:18.10.11
base universe 1:18.10.11
updates universe 1:
updates main 1:

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Version: *DELETED* 2019-04-16 10:06:39 UTC
No changelog for deleted or moved packages.

Version: 1: 2019-04-11 22:06:34 UTC

  ubuntu-release-upgrader (1: cosmic; urgency=medium

  * DistUpgradeController.py: Instead of checking every sources.list entry to
    see if they are accessible keep track of the uris and only test once per
    uri thereby preventing situations where entries for the same server are
    enabled and disabled. (LP: #1822886)
  * debian/control: build depend on the new version of update-manager which
    supports checking to see if an https url is downloadable. (LP: #1823410)
  * tests/test_sources.list.py: add a test for https support.

 -- Brian Murray <email address hidden> Tue, 09 Apr 2019 17:10:21 -0700

1822886 universe missing after bionic-\u003ecosmic do-release-upgrade
1823410 utils.py's url_downloadable doesn't support https

Version: *DELETED* 2019-02-18 12:06:31 UTC
No changelog for deleted or moved packages.

Version: 1: 2019-02-04 14:06:53 UTC

  ubuntu-release-upgrader (1: cosmic; urgency=medium

  * Remove lubuntu-core from the list of metapackages, fixing some upgrades
    from Lubuntu 18.04 to 18.10 (LP: #1799855).

 -- Simon Quigley <email address hidden> Fri, 01 Feb 2019 18:52:07 -0600

1799855 distribution upgrade bug - upgrading to 18.10

Version: *DELETED* 2019-01-31 20:07:26 UTC
No changelog for deleted or moved packages.

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