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Name: mutter


lightweight GTK+ window manager

Latest version: *DELETED*
Release: cosmic (18.10)
Level: proposed
Repository: main


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base main 3.30.1-1
updates main 3.30.2-1~ubuntu18.10.2

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Version: *DELETED* 2019-01-10 12:06:36 UTC
Moved to cosmic:main:updates
No changelog for deleted or moved packages.

Version: 3.30.2-1~ubuntu18.10.2 2018-12-17 14:06:23 UTC

  mutter (3.30.2-1~ubuntu18.10.2) cosmic; urgency=medium

  * Update gbp.conf and Vcs metadata for cosmic
  * control: Depend on g-s-d-schemas instead of g-s-d. We only need the
    schemas. (LP: #1808796)

 -- Iain Lane <email address hidden> Mon, 17 Dec 2018 10:53:41 +0000

1808796 gnome-settings-daemon FTBFS in cosmic-proposed due to circular relationship involving mutter

Version: *DELETED* 2018-12-11 16:07:09 UTC
Moved to cosmic:main:updates
No changelog for deleted or moved packages.

Version: 3.30.2-1~ubuntu18.10.1 2018-11-27 21:07:21 UTC

  mutter (3.30.2-1~ubuntu18.10.1) cosmic; urgency=medium

  * SRU backport from unstable / disco to cosmic. (LP: #1804448)
  * Drop change from 3.30.1-4 for the SRU - we are not ready to SRU this yet
    (reinstates the patch):
    + Drop clutter-Smooth-out-master-clock-to-smooth-visuals.patch: It was
      abandoned upstream, but also seems to be limiting refresh rates in
      Xorg sessions to 60Hz when previously they were unlimited.
    + Also modify the changelog entry for 3.30.1-4 to drop the bug ref so it
      doesn't confuse the SRU process.

1804448 SRU Mutter 3.30.2-1 to cosmic

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