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Name: apt


commandline package manager

Latest version: 1.5.1
Release: artful (17.10)
Level: updates
Repository: main


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apt-doc apt-transport-https apt-utils libapt-inst2.0 libapt-pkg-dev
libapt-pkg-doc libapt-pkg5.0


Version: 1.5.1 2017-11-15 00:06:52 UTC

  apt (1.5.1) artful; urgency=medium

  * New microrelease (LP: #1727694)

  [ Julian Andres Klode ]
  * travis: CI: Test 1.5.y on artful
  * Fix testsuite for and add new fields from dpkg 1.19
  * debian/gbp.conf: Switch to 1.5.y branch
  * debian/tests/control: Add dpkg so we get triggered by it

  [ Mo Zhou ]
  * zh_CN.po: Update Simplified Chinese programs translation

  [ Frans Spiesschaert ]
  * Dutch program translation update (Closes: #879137)

  [ David Kalnischkies ]
  * proper error reporting for v3 onion services
  * ignore unsupported key formats in apt-key (Closes: #876508)

 -- Julian Andres Klode <email address hidden> Thu, 26 Oct 2017 13:36:39 +0200

1727694 [SRU] apt/artful 1.5.1 microrelease
879137 apt: [INTL:nl] Dutch po file for the apt package - Debian Bug report logs
876508 apt: Confusing message when Signed-By keyring cannot be used or is not found - Debian Bug report logs

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