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  • Linux kernel buildinfo for version 4.4.0 on 32 bit x86 SMP
  • Linux kernel buildinfo for version 4.4.0 on 32 bit x86 SMP
  • Linux kernel buildinfo for version 4.4.0 on 32 bit x86 SMP
  • Linux kernel buildinfo for version 4.4.0 on 32 bit x86 SMP

Latest version: 4.4.0-156.183
Release: xenial (16.04)
Level: base
Repository: main


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base main 4.4.0-21.37
security main 4.4.0-154.181
updates main 4.4.0-154.181
proposed main 4.4.0-155.182

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Version: 4.4.0-150.176 2019-05-29 22:09:45 UTC

 linux (4.4.0-150.176) xenial; urgency=medium
   * linux: 4.4.0-150.176 -proposed tracker (LP: #1830941)
   * glibc 2.23-0ubuntu11 ADT test failure with linux 4.4.0-149.175
     (LP: #1830890)
     - x86/vdso: Pass --eh-frame-hdr to the linker

Source diff to previous version
1830890 glibc 2.23-0ubuntu11 ADT test failure with linux 4.4.0-149.175

Version: 4.4.0-149.175 2019-05-15 17:08:56 UTC

 linux (4.4.0-149.175) xenial; urgency=medium
   * linux: 4.4.0-149.175 -proposed tracker (LP: #1829209)
   * disable a.out support (LP: #1818552)
     - [Config] Disable a.out support
   * autopkgtests run too often, too much and don't skip enough (LP: #1823056)
     - [Debian] Set +x on rebuild testcase.
     - [Debian] Skip rebuild test, for regression-suite deps.
     - [Debian] Make ubuntu-regression-suite skippable on unbootable kernels.
     - [Debian] make rebuild use skippable error codes when skipping.
     - [Debian] Only run regression-suite, if requested to.
   * Xenial update: 4.4.179 upstream stable release (LP: #1828420)
     - arm64: debug: Don't propagate UNKNOWN FAR into si_code for debug signals
     - arm64: debug: Ensure debug handlers check triggering exception level
     - ext4: cleanup bh release code in ext4_ind_remove_space()
     - lib/int_sqrt: optimize initial value compute
     - tty/serial: atmel: Add is_half_duplex helper
     - mm: mempolicy: make mbind() return -EIO when MPOL_MF_STRICT is specified
     - i2c: core-smbus: prevent stack corruption on read I2C_BLOCK_DATA
     - Bluetooth: Fix decrementing reference count twice in releasing socket
     - tty/serial: atmel: RS485 HD w/DMA: enable RX after TX is stopped
     - CIFS: fix POSIX lock leak and invalid ptr deref
     - h8300: use cc-cross-prefix instead of hardcoding h8300-unknown-linux-
     - tracing: kdb: Fix ftdump to not sleep
     - gpio: gpio-omap: fix level interrupt idling
     - sysctl: handle overflow for file-max
     - enic: fix build warning without CONFIG_CPUMASK_OFFSTACK
     - mm/cma.c: cma_declare_contiguous: correct err handling
     - mm/page_ext.c: fix an imbalance with kmemleak
     - mm/vmalloc.c: fix kernel BUG at mm/vmalloc.c:512!
     - mm/slab.c: kmemleak no scan alien caches
     - ocfs2: fix a panic problem caused by o2cb_ctl
     - f2fs: do not use mutex lock in atomic context
     - fs/file.c: initialize init_files.resize_wait
     - cifs: use correct format characters
     - dm thin: add sanity checks to thin-pool and external snapshot creation
     - cifs: Fix NULL pointer dereference of devname
     - fs: fix guard_bio_eod to check for real EOD errors
     - tools lib traceevent: Fix buffer overflow in arg_eval
     - usb: chipidea: Grab the (legacy) USB PHY by phandle first
     - scsi: core: replace GFP_ATOMIC with GFP_KERNEL in scsi_scan.c
     - coresight: etm4x: Add support to enable ETMv4.2
     - ARM: 8840/1: use a raw_spinlock_t in unwind
     - mmc: omap: fix the maximum timeout setting
     - e1000e: Fix -Wformat-truncation warnings
     - IB/mlx4: Increase the timeout for CM cache
     - scsi: megaraid_sas: return error when create DMA pool failed
     - perf test: Fix failure of 'evsel-tp-sched' test on s390
     - SoC: imx-sgtl5000: add missing put_device()
     - media: sh_veu: Correct return type for mem2mem buffer helpers
     - media: s5p-jpeg: Correct return type for mem2mem buffer helpers
     - media: s5p-g2d: Correct return type for mem2mem buffer helpers
     - media: mx2_emmaprp: Correct return type for mem2mem buffer helpers
     - leds: lp55xx: fix null deref on firmware load failure
     - kprobes: Prohibit probing on bsearch()
     - ARM: 8833/1: Ensure that NEON code always compiles with Clang
     - ALSA: PCM: check if ops are defined before suspending PCM
     - bcache: fix input overflow to cache set sysfs file io_error_halflife
     - bcache: fix input overflow to sequential_cutoff
     - bcache: improve sysfs_strtoul_clamp()
     - fbdev: fbmem: fix memory access if logo is bigger than the screen
     - cdrom: Fix race condition in cdrom_sysctl_register
     - ASoC: fsl-asoc-card: fix object reference leaks in fsl_asoc_card_probe
     - soc: qcom: gsbi: Fix error handling in gsbi_probe()
     - mt7601u: bump supported EEPROM version
     - ARM: avoid Cortex-A9 livelock on tight dmb loops
     - tty: increase the default flip buffer limit to 2*640K
     - media: mt9m111: set initial frame size other than 0x0
     - hwrng: virtio - Avoid repeated init of completion
     - soc/tegra: fuse: Fix illegal free of IO base address
     - hpet: Fix missing '=' character in the __setup() code of hpet_mmap_enable
     - dmaengine: imx-dma: fix warning comparison of distinct pointer types
     - netfilter: physdev: relax br_netfilter dependency
     - media: s5p-jpeg: Check for fmt_ver_flag when doing fmt enumeration
     - regulator: act8865: Fix act8600_sudcdc_voltage_ranges setting
     - wlcore: Fix memory leak in case wl12xx_fetch_firmware failure
     - x86/build: Mark per-CPU symbols as absolute explicitly for LLD
     - dmaengine: tegra: avoid overflow of byte tracking
     - drm/dp/mst: Configure no_stop_bit correctly for remote i2c xfers
     - binfmt_elf: switch to new creds when switching to new mm
     - kbuild: clang: choose GCC_TOOLCHAIN_DIR not on LD
     - x86/build: Specify elf_i386 linker emulation explicitly for i386 objects
     - x86: vdso: Use $LD instead of $CC to link
     - x86/vdso: Drop implicit common-page-size linker flag
     - lib/string.c: implement a basic bcmp
     - tty: mark Siemens R3964 line discipline as BROKEN
     - [Config]: remove CONFIG_R3964
     - [Config]: add CONFIG_LDISC_AUTOLOAD=y
     - tty: ldisc: add sysctl to prevent autoloading of ldiscs
     - ipv6: Fix dangling pointer when ipv6 fragment
     - ipv6: sit: reset ip header pointer in ipip6_rcv
     - net: rds: force to destroy connection if t_sock is NULL in
     - qmi_wwan: add Olicard 600
     - sctp: initialize _pad of sockaddr_in before copying to user memory
     - tcp: Ensure DCTCP reacts to losses
     - netns: provide pure entropy for net_hash_mix()
     - net: ethtool: not call vzalloc for zero sized memory request
     - ip6_tunnel: Match to ARPHRD_TUNNEL6 for dev type
     - ALSA: seq: Fix OOB-reads from strlcpy
     - include/linux/bitrev.h: fix constant bitrev
     - ASoC: fsl_esai: fix

Source diff to previous version
1818552 disable a.out support
1823056 autopkgtests run too often, too much and don't skip enough
1828420 Xenial update: 4.4.179 upstream stable release
1826212 Xenial update: 4.4.178 upstream stable release
1825780 Kprobe event string type argument failed in ftrace from ubuntu_kernel_selftests on B/C i386
1825777 False positive test result in run_netsocktests from net in ubuntu_kernel_selftest

Version: 4.4.0-147.173 2019-04-24 12:08:38 UTC

 linux (4.4.0-147.173) xenial; urgency=medium
   * linux: 4.4.0-147.173 -proposed tracker (LP: #1826036)
   * Packaging resync (LP: #1786013)
     - [Packaging] resync git-ubuntu-log
   * Xenial: Sync to upstream v4.9 (Spectre) (LP: #1820872)
     - SAUCE: cpu/hotplug: Fix Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt
     - SAUCE: Fix typo in Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt
     - SAUCE: x86: Move hunks and sync to upstream stable 4.9
     - Revert "module: Add retpoline tag to VERMAGIC"
   * CVE-2017-5753
     - posix-timers: Protect posix clock array access against speculation
     - arm64: fix possible spectre-v1 in ptrace_hbp_get_event()
     - sched/autogroup: Fix possible Spectre-v1 indexing for sched_prio_to_weight[]
     - media: dvb_ca_en50221: prevent using slot_info for Spectre attacs
     - s390/keyboard: sanitize array index in do_kdsk_ioctl
     - arm64: fix possible spectre-v1 write in ptrace_hbp_set_event()
     - pktcdvd: Fix possible Spectre-v1 for pkt_devs
     - net: socket: Fix potential spectre v1 gadget in sock_is_registered
     - net: sock_diag: Fix spectre v1 gadget in __sock_diag_cmd()
     - hwmon: (nct6775) Fix potential Spectre v1
     - mac80211_hwsim: Fix possible Spectre-v1 for hwsim_world_regdom_custom
     - nl80211: Fix possible Spectre-v1 for NL80211_TXRATE_HT
     - ipmi: msghandler: Fix potential Spectre v1 vulnerabilities
     - powerpc/ptrace: Mitigate potential Spectre v1
     - cfg80211: prevent speculation on cfg80211_classify8021d() return
     - ALSA: rawmidi: Fix potential Spectre v1 vulnerability
     - ALSA: seq: oss: Fix Spectre v1 vulnerability
   * CVE-2019-3874
     - sctp: fix the issue that a __u16 variable may overflow in sctp_ulpq_renege
     - sctp: use sk_wmem_queued to check for writable space
     - sctp: implement memory accounting on tx path
     - sctp: implement memory accounting on rx path
   * Kprobe event argument syntax in ftrace from ubuntu_kernel_selftests failed
     on B PowerPC (LP: #1812809)
     - selftests/ftrace: Add ppc support for kprobe args tests
   * CVE-2019-3882
     - vfio/type1: Limit DMA mappings per container
   * Intel I210 Ethernet card not working after hotplug [8086:1533]
     (LP: #1818490)
     - igb: Fix WARN_ONCE on runtime suspend
   * TSC clocksource not available in nested guests (LP: #1822821)
     - x86/tsc: Add X86_FEATURE_TSC_KNOWN_FREQ flag
     - kvmclock: fix TSC calibration for nested guests
   * Remove btrfs module after a failed fallocate attempt will cause error on 4.4
     i386 (LP: #1822579)
     - Btrfs: fix extent map leak during fallocate error path
   * systemd cause kernel trace "BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request at
     6db23a14" on Cosmic i386 (LP: #1813244) // systemd cause kernel trace "BUG:
     unable to handle kernel paging request at 6db23a14" on Cosmic i386
     (LP: #1813244)
     - openvswitch: fix flow actions reallocation

Source diff to previous version
1786013 Packaging resync
1820872 Xenial: Sync to upstream v4.9 (Spectre)
1812809 Kprobe event argument syntax in ftrace from ubuntu_kernel_selftests failed on B PowerPC
1818490 Intel I210 Ethernet card not working after hotplug [8086:1533]
1822821 TSC clocksource not available in nested guests
1822579 Remove btrfs module after a failed fallocate attempt will cause error on 4.4 i386
1813244 systemd cause kernel trace \
CVE-2017-5753 Systems with microprocessors utilizing speculative execution and branch prediction may allow unauthorized disclosure of information to an attacker wi
CVE-2019-3874 The SCTP socket buffer used by a userspace application is not accounted by the cgroups subsystem. An attacker can use this flaw to cause a denial of
CVE-2019-3882 DoS through vfio/type1 DMA mappings

Version: 4.4.0-146.172 2019-04-03 12:07:56 UTC

 linux (4.4.0-146.172) xenial; urgency=medium
   * linux: 4.4.0-146.172 -proposed tracker (LP: #1822834)
   * Packaging resync (LP: #1786013)
     - [Packaging] update helper scripts
     - [Packaging] resync retpoline extraction
   * 3b080b2564287be91605bfd1d5ee985696e61d3c in ubuntu_btrfs_kernel_fixes
     triggers system hang on i386 (LP: #1812845)
     - btrfs: raid56: properly unmap parity page in finish_parity_scrub()
   * Xenial update: 4.4.177 upstream stable release (LP: #1822271)
     - ceph: avoid repeatedly adding inode to mdsc->snap_flush_list
     - numa: change get_mempolicy() to use nr_node_ids instead of MAX_NUMNODES
     - KEYS: allow reaching the keys quotas exactly
     - mfd: ti_am335x_tscadc: Use PLATFORM_DEVID_AUTO while registering mfd cells
     - mfd: twl-core: Fix section annotations on {,un}protect_pm_master
     - mfd: db8500-prcmu: Fix some section annotations
     - mfd: ab8500-core: Return zero in get_register_interruptible()
     - mfd: qcom_rpm: write fw_version to CTRL_REG
     - mfd: wm5110: Add missing ASRC rate register
     - mfd: mc13xxx: Fix a missing check of a register-read failure
     - net: hns: Fix use after free identified by SLUB debug
     - MIPS: ath79: Enable OF serial ports in the default config
     - scsi: qla4xxx: check return code of qla4xxx_copy_from_fwddb_param
     - scsi: isci: initialize shost fully before calling scsi_add_host()
     - MIPS: jazz: fix 64bit build
     - isdn: i4l: isdn_tty: Fix some concurrency double-free bugs
     - atm: he: fix sign-extension overflow on large shift
     - leds: lp5523: fix a missing check of return value of lp55xx_read
     - isdn: avm: Fix string plus integer warning from Clang
     - RDMA/srp: Rework SCSI device reset handling
     - KEYS: user: Align the payload buffer
     - KEYS: always initialize keyring_index_key::desc_len
     - batman-adv: fix uninit-value in batadv_interface_tx()
     - net/packet: fix 4gb buffer limit due to overflow check
     - team: avoid complex list operations in team_nl_cmd_options_set()
     - sit: check if IPv6 enabled before calling ip6_err_gen_icmpv6_unreach()
     - net/mlx4_en: Force CHECKSUM_NONE for short ethernet frames
     - ARCv2: Enable unaligned access in early ASM code
     - Revert "bridge: do not add port to router list when receives query with
     - libceph: handle an empty authorize reply
     - drm/msm: Unblock writer if reader closes file
     - ASoC: Intel: Haswell/Broadwell: fix setting for .dynamic field
     - ALSA: compress: prevent potential divide by zero bugs
     - thermal: int340x_thermal: Fix a NULL vs IS_ERR() check
     - usb: dwc3: gadget: Fix the uninitialized link_state when udc starts
     - usb: gadget: Potential NULL dereference on allocation error
     - ASoC: dapm: change snprintf to scnprintf for possible overflow
     - ASoC: imx-audmux: change snprintf to scnprintf for possible overflow
     - ARC: fix __ffs return value to avoid build warnings
     - mac80211: fix miscounting of ttl-dropped frames
     - serial: fsl_lpuart: fix maximum acceptable baud rate with over-sampling
     - scsi: csiostor: fix NULL pointer dereference in csio_vport_set_state()
     - net: altera_tse: fix connect_local_phy error path
     - ibmveth: Do not process frames after calling napi_reschedule
     - mac80211: don't initiate TDLS connection if station is not associated to AP
     - cfg80211: extend range deviation for DMG
     - KVM: nSVM: clear events pending from svm_complete_interrupts() when exiting
       to L1
     - arm/arm64: KVM: Feed initialized memory to MMIO accesses
     - KVM: arm/arm64: Fix MMIO emulation data handling
     - powerpc: Always initialize input array when calling epapr_hypercall()
     - mmc: spi: Fix card detection during probe
     - x86/uaccess: Don't leak the AC flag into __put_user() value evaluation
     - USB: serial: option: add Telit ME910 ECM composition
     - USB: serial: cp210x: add ID for Ingenico 3070
     - USB: serial: ftdi_sio: add ID for Hjelmslund Electronics USB485
     - cpufreq: Use struct kobj_attribute instead of struct global_attr
     - sockfs: getxattr: Fail with -EOPNOTSUPP for invalid attribute names
     - ncpfs: fix build warning of strncpy
     - isdn: isdn_tty: fix build warning of strncpy
     - staging: lustre: fix buffer overflow of string buffer
     - net-sysfs: Fix mem leak in netdev_register_kobject
     - team: Free BPF filter when unregistering netdev
     - bnxt_en: Drop oversize TX packets to prevent errors.
     - net: nfc: Fix NULL dereference on nfc_llcp_build_tlv fails
     - xen-netback: fix occasional leak of grant ref mappings under memory pressure
     - net: Add __icmp_send helper.
     - net: avoid use IPCB in cipso_v4_error
     - net: phy: Micrel KSZ8061: link failure after cable connect
     - x86/CPU/AMD: Set the CPB bit unconditionally on F17h
     - applicom: Fix potential Spectre v1 vulnerabilities
     - MIPS: irq: Allocate accurate order pages for irq stack
     - hugetlbfs: fix races and page leaks during migration
     - netlabel: fix out-of-bounds memory accesses
     - net: dsa: mv88e6xxx: Fix u64 statistics
     - ip6mr: Do not call __IP6_INC_STATS() from preemptible context
     - media: uvcvideo: Fix 'type' check leading to overflow
     - vti4: Fix a ipip packet processing bug in 'IPCOMP' virtual tunnel
     - perf tools: Handle TOPOLOGY headers with no CPU
     - IB/{hfi1, qib}: Fix WC.byte_len calculation for UD_SEND_WITH_IMM
     - ipvs: Fix signed integer overflow when setsockopt timeout
     - iommu/amd: Fix IOMMU page flush when detach device from a domain
     - xtensa: SMP: fix ccount_timer_shutdown
     - xtensa: SMP: fix secondary CPU initialization
     - xtensa: smp_lx200_defconfig: fix vectors clash
     - xtensa: SMP: mark each possible CPU as present
     - xtensa: SMP: limit number of possible CPUs by NR_CPUS
     - net: altera_tse: fix msgdma_tx_completion on non-zero fill_le

Source diff to previous version
1786013 Packaging resync
1812845 3b080b2564287be91605bfd1d5ee985696e61d3c in ubuntu_btrfs_kernel_fixes triggers system hang on i386
1822271 Xenial update: 4.4.177 upstream stable release
1807259 sky2 ethernet card doesn't work after returning from suspend
1809843 sky2 ethernet card link not up after suspend
1819881 [CONFIG] please enable highdpi font FONT_TER16x32
1821259 Hard lockup in 2 CPUs due to deadlock in cpu_stoppers

Version: 4.4.0-145.171 2019-03-26 16:08:02 UTC

 linux (4.4.0-145.171) xenial; urgency=medium
   * linux: 4.4.0-145.171 -proposed tracker (LP: #1821724)
   * linux-generic should depend on linux-base >=4.1 (LP: #1820419)
     - [Packaging] Fix linux-base dependency

1820419 linux-generic should depend on linux-base \u003e=4.1

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