Package: libmate-window-settings-dev Source: mate-control-center Version: 1.10.0-2+rafaela Architecture: i386 Maintainer: MATE Packaging Team Installed-Size: 72 Depends: libmate-window-settings1 (= 1.10.0-2+rafaela) Multi-Arch: same Homepage: Priority: optional Section: libdevel Filename: pool/import/m/mate-control-center/libmate-window-settings-dev_1.10.0-2+rafaela_i386.deb Size: 9170 SHA256: bf3aedff003aa7c7febc93663dbb85049f636844288981834242786fae8d50c8 SHA1: 403d9e8854011e64cef732fec6eeaf25f2891b12 MD5sum: 49ea0f8b83747cfcd6547d716026be28 Description: utilities to configure the MATE desktop (window settings headers) The MATE control center contains configuration applets for the MATE desktop, allowing to set accessibility configuration, desktop fonts, keyboard and mouse properties, sound setup, desktop theme and background, user interface properties, screen resolution, and other MATE parameters. . This package contains the development files for the MATE window settings library.