Package: postgresql-9.4-preprepare Source: preprepare Version: 0.8-1.pgdg12.4+1 Architecture: i386 Maintainer: Debian PostgreSQL Maintainers Installed-Size: 18 Depends: libc6 (>= 2.3.4), postgresql-9.4 Priority: extra Section: database Filename: pool/main/p/preprepare/postgresql-9.4-preprepare_0.8-1.pgdg12.4+1_i386.deb Size: 10386 SHA256: e28012a5da2f8a3d11698138a4f1b1f44c4beb7102a7c7aee5ad370861ab2f4c SHA1: 64fafc514543e385c41cccd00ef60e574a1b6592 MD5sum: a209cfe6b2dd14392f2c2cf63ad0e877 Description: pre prepare your PostgreSQL statements server side The pre_prepare module for PostgreSQL aims to prepare all your statements as soon as possible and in a way that allows client queries not to bother at all and just call EXECUTE.