Package: libmariadbd-dev Source: mariadb-5.5 Version: 5.5.64+maria-1~trusty Architecture: i386 Maintainer: MariaDB Developers Installed-Size: 27 Depends: libmariadbclient-dev (>= 5.5.64+maria-1~trusty) Conflicts: libmysqld-dev Replaces: libmysqld-dev Provides: libmysqld-dev Homepage: Priority: optional Section: libdevel Filename: pool/main/m/mariadb-5.5/libmariadbd-dev_5.5.64+maria-1~trusty_i386.deb Size: 2838 SHA256: f6b1d3065f2789dfc1562ffcab8da04378a6232c960782ee34f60a4985649642 SHA1: e5c7bea78ece6fd9fe32f1e541efda1c493de341 MD5sum: 796c2f1dd4c4e1272847a9dfac95c37c Description: MariaDB embedded database development files MariaDB is a fast, stable and true multi-user, multi-threaded SQL database server. SQL (Structured Query Language) is the most popular database query language in the world. The main goals of MariaDB are speed, robustness and ease of use. . This package includes the embedded server library and header files. Original-Maintainer: Maria Developers