Raw Package Information

Package: postgresql-12-pgsphere
Source: pgsphere
Version: 1.3.0-2.pgdg22.04+1
Architecture: amd64
Maintainer: Debian PostgreSQL Maintainers <team+postgresql@tracker.debian.org>
Installed-Size: 1631
Depends: postgresql-12, postgresql-12-jit-llvm (>= 14), libc6 (>= 2.29), libgcc-s1 (>= 3.3.1), libhealpix-cxx3 (>= 3.80.0), libstdc++6 (>= 5.2)
Provides: postgresql-pgsphere
Homepage: https://pgsphere.github.io/
Priority: optional
Section: database
Filename: pool/main/p/pgsphere/postgresql-12-pgsphere_1.3.0-2.pgdg22.04+1_amd64.deb
Size: 569424
SHA256: 0c131c29890be26d8083b10a740fa8324f139fe7b560e95f82896dc3b765d2f4
SHA1: 8ba9e9f428dc674588bd7dea3b920cd7fc0efb62
MD5sum: c75d59d5900cf97a9f5ae0663d5dc188
Description: Spherical data types for PostgreSQL
 PgSphere, an extension for PostgreSQL, aims at providing uniform
 access to spherical data. It allows for a fast search and analysis for
 objects with spherical attributes in geographical, astronomical, or
 other applications using PostgreSQL.
 By using an SQL interface, PgSphere's users can conveniently manage
 data of geographical objects around the world and astronomical data
 collections like star and other catalogues.