Raw Package Information

Package: barman-cli-cloud
Source: barman
Version: 3.3.0-1.pgdg22.04+1
Architecture: all
Maintainer: Marco Nenciarini <mnencia@debian.org>
Installed-Size: 48
Depends: python3-barman (= 3.3.0-1.pgdg22.04+1), python3-pkg-resources, rsync (>= 3.0.4~), python3:any, python3-boto3
Breaks: barman-cli (<< 2.10-3~~)
Replaces: barman-cli (<< 2.10-3~~)
Homepage: http://www.pgbarman.org
Priority: optional
Section: database
Filename: pool/main/b/barman/barman-cli-cloud_3.3.0-1.pgdg22.04+1_all.deb
Size: 26744
SHA256: e39b303a4fbb8496a80e8804c796adfa7adbc8f608e5896ac9b099d4bc91c778
SHA1: 81d35643561bf89ba9fd2137c8515d26be3a17e3
MD5sum: 38ee138bf01f3b69a7d7bf3f7ba08175
Description: Cloud client utilities for the integration of Barman in PostgreSQL clusters
 Barman (Backup and Recovery Manager) is an open-source administration
 tool for disaster recovery of PostgreSQL servers written in Python.
 It allows your organization to perform remote backups of multiple
 servers in business critical environments to reduce risk and help
 DBAs during the recovery phase.
 The barman-cli-cloud package contains cloud client utilities for the
 integration of Barman in PostgreSQL clusters.
 Barman is distributed under GNU GPL 3 and maintained by 2ndQuadrant.