Package: libgoa-1.0-doc Source: gnome-online-accounts Version: 3.36.1-linuxmint1+uma Architecture: all Maintainer: Ubuntu Developers Installed-Size: 2378 Recommends: libglib2.0-doc Suggests: devhelp Multi-Arch: foreign Homepage: Priority: optional Section: doc Filename: pool/upstream/g/gnome-online-accounts/libgoa-1.0-doc_3.36.1-linuxmint1+uma_all.deb Size: 111668 SHA256: 9d6136bab651a11eafbc0cc491b7a06c125f17611bb5590edff05772b9cc7895 SHA1: d6eb1b53d71504178052846d97990a0040180ec5 MD5sum: a7ebe9d9ff3d8dce0525b5e1c09a5926 Description: library for GNOME Online Accounts - documentation files This package contains the GNOME Online Accounts service, which provides a centralized place for managing online accounts (Google, etc) for the GNOME desktop. . This package contains the HTML documentation for the GOA library. Original-Maintainer: Debian GNOME Maintainers