Raw Package Information

Package: gdebi-core
Source: gdebi
Architecture: all
Maintainer: Linux Mint <root@linuxmint.com>
Installed-Size: 620
Depends: python3:any (>= 3.3.2-2~), python3-apt, python3-debian, mint-common (>= 2), file
Suggests: xz-utils | xz-lzma
Priority: optional
Section: admin
Filename: pool/upstream/g/gdebi/gdebi-core_0.9.5.7xmint10_all.deb
Size: 93836
SHA256: 80320c2b451fcb95c77e6641cc28698b8067c562d83a8617d944b4310fc4f9e6
SHA1: 2fa41c3c091709796def819f7b8aa7f47da41e87
MD5sum: a44036b59178ee9fb822cff715bd28a7
Description: simple tool to install deb files
 gdebi lets you install local deb packages resolving and installing
 its dependencies. apt does the same, but only for remote (http, ftp)
 located packages.
 It can also resolve build-depends of local debian/control files.
 This package contains the libraries and command-line utility.