Package: mint-info-cinnamon Source: mint-info Version: 2020.04.06 Architecture: all Maintainer: Clement Lefebvre Installed-Size: 15 Provides: mint-info Priority: optional Section: admin Filename: pool/main/m/mint-info/mint-info-cinnamon_2020.04.06_all.deb Size: 2892 SHA256: e79f95da1255b76b9e3ca918c3e8d274bab1d57c561795b26339bf0bdaaea9d5 SHA1: 02e4d35b26ee25b09d27546e44c661e84c0ff21f MD5sum: 85e764da3b1f4ccbced092980681b3cb Description: Necessary information about the Linux Mint release and edition. Base package. This package is needed by the Mint tools and the system to uniquely identify the edition and release of Linux Mint you're using and to get information related to it.