Package: firefox-locale-mn Source: firefox Version: 85.0+linuxmint2+tricia Architecture: i386 Maintainer: Ubuntu Mozilla Team Installed-Size: 237 Priority: optional Section: web Filename: pool/upstream/f/firefox/firefox-locale-mn_85.0+linuxmint2+tricia_i386.deb Size: 146500 SHA256: 95f58dadf48b1eb578740d7ea725c288786560ba57ae13149e902766672411a6 SHA1: 34e007fa91194b99981e49a509f27a15a1465a79 MD5sum: e35b71cb735cb0491fa2abf9bac80be0 Description: Transitional package for unavailable language This language is unavailable for the current version of Firefox . This is an empty transitional package to ensure a clean upgrade process. You can safely remove this package after installation.