Package: mintstick Version: 1.3.9 Architecture: all Maintainer: Clement Lefebvre Installed-Size: 211 Depends: coreutils (>= 6.10-3), gir1.2-glib-2.0, gir1.2-gtk-3.0, gir1.2-polkit-1.0, ntfs-3g, parted, policykit-1, procps, python, python-parted, gir1.2-udisks-2.0, gir1.2-xapp-1.0, util-linux, exfat-utils Conflicts: usb-imagewriter Replaces: usb-imagewriter Priority: optional Section: misc Filename: pool/main/m/mintstick/mintstick_1.3.9_all.deb Size: 38928 SHA256: 1bcb48db64b079197701719b3579aee4178deb39e117c77e68694c09e3cd4f8f SHA1: 382926aa5181838bf12679baaaffe0095b1371dd MD5sum: 3271b700ae6d787a9c6566429998a749 Description: write .img and .iso files to USB sticks A GUI to write .img or .iso files to a USB Key. It can also format them.