Package: cl-lparallel Version: 20160825-1~pgdg16.04+1 Architecture: all Maintainer: Dimitri Fontaine Installed-Size: 320 Depends: cl-alexandria, cl-bordeaux-threads Homepage: Priority: optional Section: lisp Filename: pool/main/c/cl-lparallel/cl-lparallel_20160825-1~pgdg16.04+1_all.deb Size: 44984 SHA256: 5e05b76f92cef60e000d82c1996b4cbbe6ff00ab5883895b74c5a92ec94b43b1 SHA1: 0f0de4eb061b713aefcb6f9c40e3030eaa3c5243 MD5sum: 50b2d828a4295cf464ed17f20bdae341 Description: parallel programming in Common Lisp lparallel is a library for parallel programming in Common Lisp, featuring a simple model of task submission with receiving queue, constructs for expressing fine-grained parallelism, asynchronous condition handling across thread boundaries, parallel versions of map, reduce, sort, remove, and many others promises, futures, and delayed evaluation constructs, computation trees for parallelizing interconnected tasks bounded and unbounded FIFO queues, high and low priority tasks, task killing by category and integrated timeouts.