Package: cl-chipz Version: 20160318-1~pgdg14.04+1 Architecture: all Maintainer: Dimitri Fontaine Installed-Size: 162 Homepage: Priority: optional Section: lisp Filename: pool/main/c/cl-chipz/cl-chipz_20160318-1~pgdg14.04+1_all.deb Size: 36312 SHA256: 0ff02bdce19c27d67f2209d4f9f25cfde3cb0625e12bb1947a762a8bf342518c SHA1: 81474a887205770b8de67ac4b04563a467b1d3e0 MD5sum: 9453dc5ef17491bc53fed81e0c8469c1 Description: library for decompressing DEFLATE and BZIP2 data DEFLATE data, defined in RFC1951, forms the core of popular compression formats such as zlib (RFC 1950) and gzip (RFC 1952). As such, Chipz also provides for decompressing data in those formats as well. BZIP2 is the format used by the popular compression tool bzip2.