Package: adwaita-icon-theme Version: 3.18.0-2ubuntu3mint2 Architecture: all Maintainer: Ubuntu Developers Installed-Size: 6270 Depends: hicolor-icon-theme, librsvg2-common, adwaita-icon-theme-full Breaks: adwaita-icon-theme-full (<< 3.18.0-2ubuntu2), gnome-themes-standard-data (<< 3.18.0-2~) Replaces: adwaita-icon-theme-full (<< 3.18.0-2ubuntu2), gnome-themes-standard-data (<< 3.18.0-2~) Multi-Arch: foreign Priority: optional Section: gnome Filename: pool/upstream/a/adwaita-icon-theme/adwaita-icon-theme_3.18.0-2ubuntu3mint2_all.deb Size: 3422034 SHA256: da9a8ecaa65aa3bd76b888badf4bfc938130d388d40e2496861e7ffae758bce0 SHA1: 5ba801f8efc8f1b7bc439d82a123d14ff3080369 MD5sum: dfe661eff3f68e80a78d350a16efc111 Description: default icon theme of GNOME (small subset) This package contains the default icon theme used by the GNOME desktop. The icons are used in many of the official gnome applications like eog, evince, system monitor, and many more. . This package only contains a small subset of the original GNOME icons which are not provided by the Humanity icon theme, to avoid installing many duplicated icons. Please install adwaita-icon-theme-full if you want the full set. Original-Maintainer: Debian GNOME Maintainers