Package: mint-info-xfce Source: mint-info Version: 2016.01.11 Architecture: i386 Maintainer: Clement Lefebvre Installed-Size: 12 Depends: mint-user-guide-xfce Provides: mint-info Priority: optional Section: admin Filename: pool/main/m/mint-info/mint-info-xfce_2016.01.11_i386.deb Size: 2330 SHA256: 7459b98872e4e7f1a0f7c8dbbaa1b364bda23af618574c214c56f961c9b56489 SHA1: 3b46830a932c43979455c70bf8ec62484e658f4d MD5sum: e312828d47048350312d0550787dcb76 Description: Necessary information about the Linux Mint release and edition. Base package. This package is needed by the Mint tools and the system to uniquely identify the edition and release of Linux Mint you're using and to get information related to it.