Bugs fixes in "onboard"

Origin Bug number Title Date fixed
Launchpad 877601 Theme is sometimes left in an inconsistent state on first start of a new install 2012-02-16
Launchpad 859288 Unable to unmaximize Onboard in Unity 2012-02-16
Launchpad 928800 15-25% CPU usage 2012-02-16
Launchpad 819971 Onboard does not keep previous position and size after a hide and show 2012-02-16
Launchpad 833873 Onboard settings not in settings menu 2012-02-16
Launchpad 913484 onboard-settings crashed with AttributeError in get_selected_layout_filename(): 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'get_selected' 2012-02-16
Launchpad 833862 Onboard Keyboard should have a menu entry for Xubuntu/Xfce 2012-02-16
Launchpad 930373 Disable border resize 2012-02-16
Launchpad 857813 onboard doesn't show on lock screen in 11.10 beta 2 2012-02-16
Launchpad 879944 RFE: Automatically release mdifier after a certain delay 2012-02-16
Launchpad 443986 RFE: Add option to automatically show and hide onboard 2012-02-16
Launchpad 932855 New release available: version 0.97.0 - debian source attached 2012-02-16
Launchpad 891931 Onboard should provide an accessible description for its indicator. 2011-12-19
Launchpad 803875 onboard symbol does not show up on every workspace 2011-12-19
Launchpad 893644 Onboard got random resize on usecase touchscreen 2011-12-19

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