Bugs fixes in "linux-tools-common"

Origin Bug number Title Date fixed
Launchpad 1066921 udf.ko is a required module on the azure platform -- move to linux-image 2012-11-18
CVE CVE-2012-0957 kernel: uts: stack memory leak in UNAME26 2012-11-18
Launchpad 1065400 Support for loading Broadcom bluetooth firmware 2012-11-18
Launchpad 1056746 kernel thread hang on iscsi target disconnect 2012-11-18
Launchpad 1068162 Precise update to 3.2.32 stable release 2012-11-18
Launchpad 338914 Proper cipher support isn't checked at mount time 2012-11-18
Launchpad 1075355 Precise update to 3.2.33 stable release 2012-11-18
Launchpad 1076342 Precise - inclusion of hpwdt kernel module 2012-11-18
Launchpad 1076395 ndiswrapper module is not provided any more 2012-11-18
Launchpad 1064086 Cypress trackpad: Occasional taps leak through as clicks even with tap-to-click disabled. 2012-11-18
Launchpad 1048258 Cypress trackpad gets psmouse lost sync / driver resynced warnings 2012-11-18
Launchpad 1055788 XPS 13 touchpad: Quickly clicking touchpad results in double click (with tap to click) 2012-11-18
Launchpad 1044248 [Dell Latitude XT3] kernel dumps while system idle for a while. 2012-11-17
Launchpad 949130 Display corrupts and flashes when changing resolution on GMA X3000 2012-11-17
Launchpad 1062917 Upstream kernel patches for au0828 driver 2012-11-17
Launchpad 1065475 Add patch for various SFP+ module support to ixgbe driver in kernel 3.2.0-x (12.04 Precise) 2012-11-17
Launchpad 1030233 not have bluetooth usb 0489:e046 Foxconn / Hon Hai 2012-11-17
Launchpad 1058303 linux-image-3.2.0-31-generic-pae radeon regression 2012-11-17
Launchpad 1054307 ATH3012 bluetooth not working 2012-11-17
Launchpad 1057593 kernel migration threads report bogus high cpu usage 2012-11-17

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