Bugs fixes in "linux-intel-opt"

Origin Bug number Title Date fixed
CVE CVE-2023-4881 ** REJECT ** CVE-2023-4881 was wrongly assigned to a bug that was deemed to be a non-security issue by the Linux kernel security team. 2023-10-16
CVE CVE-2023-42756 A flaw was found in the Netfilter subsystem of the Linux kernel. A race condition between IPSET_CMD_ADD and IPSET_CMD_SWAP can lead to a kernel panic 2023-10-16
Launchpad 2038567 Disable restricting unprivileged change_profile by default, due to LXD latest/stable not yet compatible with this new apparmor feature 2023-10-16
Launchpad 2028253 update apparmor and LSM stacking patch set 2023-10-16
Launchpad 1786013 Packaging resync 2023-10-16

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