Bugs fixes in "apparmor"

Origin Bug number Title Date fixed
Launchpad 1393979 py tests depend on /etc/apparmor/logprof.conf 2016-04-11
Launchpad 1505775 aa-autodep fails if shebang line contains parameters 2016-04-11
Launchpad 1521400 aa-easyprof prints to stdout upon manifest parsing errors 2016-04-11
Launchpad 1513880 [python2] aa-logprof: AppArmorBug: Passed unknown object to NetworkRule: inet 2016-04-11
Launchpad 1523297 logparser.py crash for change_hat event 2016-04-11
Launchpad 1540562 aa-genprof crashes in logparser NoneType has no \ 2016-04-11
Launchpad 1525119 Cannot permit some operations for sssd 2016-04-11
Launchpad 1528139 serialize_profile_from_old_profile() crash if file contains multiple profiles 2016-04-11
Launchpad 1480492 aa-status in apparmor-2.10 depends on python3-apparmor 2016-04-11
Launchpad 1501913 Apparmor Abstraction Prevents Firefox From Opening Torrents in Deluge-Gtk 2016-04-11
Launchpad 1210514 Default apache prefork profile doesn't allow chown 2016-04-11
Launchpad 1561762 [FFe] AppArmor 2.11 Beta 1 for policy namespace stacking and bug fixes 2016-04-11
Debian 813835 abstractions/nameservice: does not allow NetworkManager without resolvconf - Debian Bug report logs 2016-04-09
Debian 810888 bin.ping: does not let iputils-ping read /etc/libnl-3 or @{PROC}/@{pid}/net/psched - Debian Bug report logs 2016-04-09
Launchpad 1561939 debugedit fails to handle apparmor_parse due to extra slash 2016-04-09
Launchpad 1379535 policy namespace stacking 2016-04-09
Launchpad 1559705 linux: apparmor ADT test failures in changeprofile test 2016-04-09
Launchpad 1531325 AppArmor tests fail on Xenial kernel on s390x arch 2016-04-09
Launchpad 1272028 remount, not honored on bind mounts 2016-04-09
Launchpad 1534405 Regression in parser compiling/loading a directory 2016-04-09

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