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Package "thunderbird-locale-es-es"

This package belongs to a PPA: Thunderbird Next

Name: thunderbird-locale-es-es


Transitional Spanish language pack for Thunderbird

Latest version: 1:36.0~b1+build1-0ubuntu1
Release: vivid (15.04)
Level: base
Repository: main
Head package: thunderbird


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Other versions of "thunderbird-locale-es-es" in Vivid

base main 1:31.6.0+build1-0ubuntu1
PPA: Ubuntu Mozilla Security 1:31.6.0+build1-0ubuntu1

Change Log

Version: 1:36.0~b1+build1-0ubuntu1 2015-04-18 22:57:34 UTC

 thunderbird (1:36.0~b1+build1-0ubuntu1) vivid; urgency=medium
   * New upstream release from the beta channel (THUNDERBIRD_36_0b1_BUILD1)
   * Refresh patches
     - update debian/patches/unity-menubar.patch
     - update debian/patches/ubuntu-ua-string-changes.patch
     - update debian/patches/dont-include-hyphenation-patterns.patch
   * Disable all of the testsuite related patches and don't install anything
     in to the testsuite package for now. The patches have all bit-rotted,
     we're not running any tests and nobody is driving that anymore
   * Don't do unified builds unconditionally on i386, as they don't crash
   * Don't clone the nightly profile from the default profile at startup
     - update debian/
   * Don't use --with-app-basename to create the co-installable nightly build
     as it's not useful anymore, and changing the application name to
     "Thunderbird-Trunk" has always been problematic for code / addons that check
     the appname. Continue to use --with-app-name as before (which just changes
     the install name and the remoting name), and add a patch to introduce
     --with-app-profile, which allows us to change the profile location
     - update debian/build/
     - update debian/build/
     - update debian/config/
     - update debian/rules
     - add debian/patches/support-coinstallable-trunk-build.patch
     - add debian/patches/set-prgname-to-remoting-name.patch
     - update debian/patches/series
   * Drop debian/patches/revert-removal-of-native-notifications.patch - fixed

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