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Package "nova-ajax-console-proxy"

Name: nova-ajax-console-proxy


OpenStack Compute - AJAX console proxy - transitional package

Latest version: 1:2014.1.4-0ubuntu1
Release: trusty (14.04)
Level: proposed
Repository: universe
Head package: nova


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Other versions of "nova-ajax-console-proxy" in Trusty

base universe 1:2014.1-0ubuntu1
security universe 1:2014.1.3-0ubuntu1.1
updates universe 1:2014.1.3-0ubuntu2

Change Log

Version: 1:2014.1.4-0ubuntu1 2015-03-25 18:06:53 UTC

  nova (1:2014.1.4-0ubuntu1) trusty; urgency=medium

  * Resynchronize with stable/icehouse (cac6472) (LP: #1432608):
    - [0ff6742] Websocket Proxy should verify Origin header
    - [c70e1fb] Fix kwargs['instance'] KeyError in @reverts_task_state decorator
    - [07ec12c] Revert "Eventlet green threads not released back to pool"
    - [e9cf07b] Compute: Catch binding failed exception while init host
    - [e275961] Make tests use sha256 as openssl default digest algorithm
    - [a657582] Eventlet green threads not released back to pool
    - [4b46a86] Fix image metadata returned for volumes
    - [58a6393] Check min_ram and min_disk when boot from volume
    - [c5411d2] Extends use of ServiceProxy to more methods in HostAPI in cells
    - [1e2abd6] Remove usage of self.__dict__ for message var replacement
    - [54f9225] only emit deprecation warnings once
    - [52103be] Fix disconnecting necessary iSCSI sessions issue
    - [cca94d0] Fix connecting unnecessary iSCSI sessions issue
    - [ac9f5c7] Fix wrong command for _rescan_multipath
    - [d7c8e93] Fix unsafe SSL connection on TrustedFilter
    - [9ecc468] Fix SecurityGroupExists error when booting instances
    - [33be7d7] Update "num_instance" during delete instance
    - [3de3f10] Fix nova evacuate issues for RBD
    - [fe289fb] Fix nova-compute start issue after evacuate
    - [f781656] Add _security_group_ensure_default() DBAPI method
    - [8812672] Run build_and_run_instance in a separate greenthread
    - [b6a080b] Fixes DOS issue in instance list ip filter
    - [5ab0421] Make the block device mapping retries configurable
    - [0695e14] Retry on closing of luks encrypted volume in case device is busy
    - [dffa810] Add @_retry_on_deadlock to _instance_update()
    - [f086ca3] Nova api service doesn't handle SIGHUP properly
    - [7cdb643] Fix XML UnicodeEncode serialization error
    - [98a6c1e] postgresql: use postgres db instead of template1
    - [155664f] share neutron admin auth tokens
    - [3e80433] VMware: validate that VM exists on backend prior to deletion
    - [d71445c] VMWare: Fix VM leak when deletion of VM during resizing
    - [56b62b7] Sync process utils from oslo
    - [ddd62ff] VMware: prevent race condition with VNC port allocation
    - [4174130] Fixes Hyper-V volume mapping issue on reboot
    - [bfeae68] Fix CellStateManagerFile init to failure
    - [5ec3cd3] Raise descriptive error for over volume quota
    - [f9fad7a] Fixes missing ec2 api address disassociate error on failure
    - [64ec1bf] Fix instance cross AZ check when attaching volumes
    - [698c821] Ignore errors when deleting non-existing vifs
    - [8141e7a] libvirt: Handle unsupported host capabilities
    - [df9ead9] libvirt: Make `fakelibvirt.libvirtError` match
    - [cac6472] Add _wrap_db_error() support to SessionTransaction.commit()
  * d/p/drop-oslo-utils-usage.patch: Added to override new oslo.utils dep.
  * d/p/disable-websockify-tests.patch: Added to disable websockify tests.
  * d/p/block-device-mapping-config.patch: Dropped. Fixed upstream in [5ab0421].
  * d/p/libvirt-Handle-unsupported-host-capabilities.patch: Dropped. Fixed
    upstream in [8141e7a] and [df9ead9].
  * d/p/cells-json-store.patch: Dropped. Fixed upstream in [bfeae68].
  * d/p/fix-requirements.patch: Rebased.
  * d/p/update-run-tests.patch: Run tests with default concurrencey.
 -- Corey Bryant <email address hidden> Fri, 20 Mar 2015 07:27:23 +0000

Version: *DELETED* 2014-12-02 11:06:21 UTC
No changelog for deleted or moved packages.

Version: 1:2014.1.3-0ubuntu2 2014-11-18 18:06:28 UTC

  nova (1:2014.1.3-0ubuntu2) trusty; urgency=medium

  [ Corey Bryant ]
  * d/p/block-device-mapping-config.patch: Make the block device mapping
    retries configurable (LP: #1376927).
 -- Chuck Short <email address hidden> Wed, 12 Nov 2014 09:22:45 -0500

1376927 [SRU] Configurable block device mapping timeout in compute

Version: *DELETED* 2014-10-21 22:06:57 UTC
No changelog for deleted or moved packages.

Version: 1:2014.1.3-0ubuntu1 2014-10-07 16:06:39 UTC

  nova (1:2014.1.3-0ubuntu1) trusty; urgency=medium

  [ Liam Young ]
  * d/p/cells-json-store.patch: Fix issue with nova-cells failing when using
    JSON file to store cell information (LP: #1314677).

  [ Corey Bryant ]
  * Resynchronize with stable/icehouse (a058646) (LP: #1377136):
    - [1a95c95] Adds tests for Hyper-V VM Utils
    - [bb47d55] Removes unnecessary instructions in test_hypervapi
    - [4f41d37] Fixes a Hyper-V list_instances localization issue
    - [9015410] Adds list_instance_uuids to the Hyper-V driver
    - [3371ad8] Add _wrap_db_error() support to Session.commit()
    - [dfb0e0f] Neutron: Atomic update of instance info cache
    - [bce481c] Ensure info cache updates don't overwhelm cells
    - [f58d95c] Sync process and str utils from oslo
    - [4e6371b] remove test_multiprocess_api
    - [7e09173] Fixes Hyper-V agent force_hyperv_utils_v1 flag issue
    - [7523ab4] Fix attaching config drive issue on Hyper-V when migrate instances
    - [74e0ba7] Fix live-migration failure in FC multipath case
    - [b61aa4d] libvirt: Save device_path in connection_info when booting from volume
    - [f93b8ee] Made unassigned networks visible in flat networking
    - [82cc3be] Do not fail cell's instance deletion, if it's missing info_cache
    - [d72c0a4] Fixes Hyper-V boot from volume root device issue
    - [0d3dad7] Fixes Hyper-V resize down exception
    - [5d5970a] db: Add @_retry_on_deadlock to service_update()
    - [9596f52] Add Hyper-V driver in the "compute_driver" option description
    - [4a8d6ca] Block sqlalchemy migrate 0.9.2 as it breaks all of nova
    - [311ab57] Move the error check for "brctl addif"
    - [df09c2a] Fix rootwrap for non iqn's
    - [1613cd99] Fix instance boot when Ceph is used for ephemeral storage
    - [4bc680f] Make floatingip-ip-delete atomic with neutron
    - [0d69163] Fix race condition with vif plugging in finish migrate
    - [520aa4c] libvirt: Use VIR_DOMAIN_AFFECT_LIVE for paused instances
    - [3c34e37] add repr for event objects
    - [1b7ab22] make lifecycle event logs more clear
    - [e1d6e18] Catch missing Glance image attrs with None
    - [b591389] Update block_device_info to contain swap and ephemeral disks
    - [2155188] Adds get_instance_disk_info to compute drivers
    - [87f842d] Fixes Hyper-V vm state issue
    - [1106ef2] Fix expected error details from jsonschema
    - [e5e6bc7] Include next link when default limit is reached
    - [526853e] Fix passing FixedIP object to sqlalchemy
    - [4e1e217] Read deleted instances during lifecycle events
    - [d8b9ba5] Add a retry_on_deadlock to reservations_expire
    - [b53adea] Add expire reservations in backport position.
    - [e874ee2] Fixes Hyper-V SCSI slot selection
    - [471e644] VMware: do not cache image when root_gb is 0
    - [825cfe4] Fix _parse_datetime in simple tenant usage extension
    - [073ee06] Avoid traceback logs from simple tenant usage extension
    - [9447203] replace NovaException with VirtualInterfaceCreate when neutron fails
    - [6b7cb1a] libvirt: convert cpu features attribute from list to a set
    - [7ca83e8] Delete image when backup operation failed on snapshot step
    - [82a13b3] VM in rescue state must have a restricted set of actions
    - [e7d2087] shelve doesn't work on nova-cells environment
    - [aeb71a8] libvirt: return the correct instance path while cleanup_resize
    - [cce6d22] Fix nova image-show with queued image
    - [aff80d5] _translate_from_glance() can cause an unnecessary HTTP request
    - [a058646] Loosen import_exceptions to cover all of gettextutils
  * d/p/libvirt-convert-cpu-features-attribute-from-list-to-.patch: Dropped.
    Code has been fixed upstream.
  * d/p/libvirt-Handle-unsupported-host-capabilities.patch: Rebased.
 -- Chuck Short <email address hidden> Mon, 06 Oct 2014 09:24:45 -0400

1314677 nova-cells fails when using JSON file to store cell information

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